Breaking up with your SO before going off to college

Breaking up

Today we’re talking about breakups. Should you break up with your high-school sweetheart? This is one of the many questions new college-goers ask themselves. Honestly, there’s no right formula to answer this question.

It’s entirely up to you to determine if your high-school relationship can survive long distances. Most high school relationships aren’t severe enough to last long distances. Or maybe your relationship is serious, and you’re pretty sure it can last long-distance, but you want to explore new possibilities. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Going off to college is that time to explore; it’s where you lay your foundation for all aspects of your life.  You’re going to meet many people from all over the world! Why wouldn’t you want to explore that? I believe that being a young adult, it’s not time to settle down, but explore positively and healthily! Though some young adults have found their soulmates! *inserts rolling eyes here*

I’m going to leave you some tips on how to go about breaking up with your high-school sweetheart in a way that will leave a possibility for a friendship! Also, on helping you cope with the breakup. After all, they were a pretty big part of your life; you should always cherish the good memories and apply the lessons they’ve taught you!



Now that you have figured out what you want, it’s time to tell your significant other, but when is the right time to say to them? 

  • When you notice that your significant other starts are making plans for your relationship, you don’t want them to waste their time or give them a false notion.
  • When you guys have alone time, but not on a special occasion! You don’t want to scar them.
  • When you find yourself slightly annoyed by them, even when they aren’t doing anything wrong. Ex: ignoring calls, text and feeling like they are smothering you.
  • When you tell them, make sure you’re not abrasive, allow them to share their feelings, and listen to what they have to say.
  • Let them know you still do care about their health and if there’s anything you can do to help them cope.



Now that you’ve told your significant other, how do you get over the breakup? 


  • If you haven’t already, join the gym! Most universities have a free gym membership for students! Joining the gym is a healthy alternative for relieving stress instead of drugs and alcohol.
  • Sign up for counselling. Most universities have free counselling for students! Most of the time, a counsellor can put the feelings jumbled up in your mind into words! That’s a great help when trying to move on.
  • Eat healthily; who am I kidding? Make that eat healthier; you can still have your cookie dough ice cream, but make sure to have a well-balanced meal!
  •  Don’t stalk their social media; give yourself some space. It’s highly needed. You need to give yourself a chance to develop your personality.
  • Schedule out your weeks! I recommend getting a physical planner book, but your reminder app on your phone works too! This helps keep you busy and has something to look forward to almost weekly.
  • Last but not least, be open! Be open to having fun with friends, instead of staying cooped up in your dorm/apartment, be open to meeting new people, and date again when you’re ready and not a moment before; it’s a recipe for disaster.



I hope this helps!