Budget Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas


The holiday season is all about giving back, but how much can you spend before you realize the huge dent in your wallet. With Christmas just around the corner, here are a few great gift ideas that will cut down on the holiday bills:

Mason Jar Gifts

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DIY gifts have become favored over the years. It’s a unique way to personalize a gift, which shows effort and creativity. By using mason jars as a vessel to work around, there are endless gifts you can create. Some popular ideas include drink kits like hot cocoa and cocktails. As well as pick me up jars filled with admirable qualities, inside jokes, or uplifting quotes. Homemade beauty products including body butter, salt or sugar scrubs, and facial masks are also well loved.




No matter the gift, it truly is about the meaning that comes along with it. Accessories are a great example of this and there are many cost-effective options. Winter gear is a valued gift since it gets damaged or lost during the colder months. Aside from scarves or mittens, meaningful jewelry or a snazzy wallet are also other great options.

Note: the most requested item is socks but is the least donated, so remember to donate socks for those in need this holiday!)




Many people do appreciate some good alcohol, and depending on the brand and beverage choices, it can be a cost-effective gift idea. Wine is a common gift that can be affordable but have a high quality, some examples would be Beringer Founder’s Cabernet Sauvignon, Foxglove Central Coast Chardonnay, and Muga Rioja Rosado. Hand-crafted beer is also a great option, perfect for beer connoisseurs as they can experience unique flavors and support independent brands.


Gift Cards

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Gift cards not only can be an affordable gift but are also safe options, that you know everyone will use. Pick a couple of their favorite spots, including clothing stores and places to eat. Split your budget between all of these places that offer gift cards and package them in an endearing fashion.