Building a Security Culture in Your Organization: How to Do It Successfully?

Building a Security Culture in Your Organization: How to Do It Successfully?
Building a Security Culture in Your Organization: How to Do It Successfully?

Online presence is the new game-changer for most businesses, especially since the Covid-19 situation. Building a security culture in your organization is the key to success, as cybersecurity is often overlooked by both new and old companies, who later pay dearly.

More than this, cybersecurity attacks are more common in 2021 than ever before. In most cases, the weakest security link in a business is the regular employee, who hasn’t been adequately informed of the latest cybersecurity best practices.

It can only take one wrong click from one member of your organization for you to lose precious data. In most cases, you can get it back. In others, you will have to pay a hefty sum or even lose all the data completely. However, in both scenarios, your company inevitably loses, from production time to morale and reputation.


Why Should Companies Invest in Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a critical component for every company that wants to grow its business online. Without investing a bit in training your employees in cybersecurity, you can fall victim to data breaches, loss, ransomware, or other financially distressing situations.

For example, according to CNBC, small companies end up with $200 K losses on average due to data breaches caused by employees who lack cybersecurity training. This statistic is from 2019, and alarmingly, in 2021, the numbers of cyberattacks, and their costs, increased even further.

Companies can drastically improve their cybersecurity by investing in the training of their employees in cybersecurity tips and best practices. Why would you be willing to risk losing thousands of dollars due to a wrong click?


Have Covid-19 and Work From Home Contributed to Growing Cyber-attacks?

Controversially, though working from home due to the Covid pandemic is favourable for companies, in the sense that they don’t have to rent buildings anymore, it can end up more costly for them from other perspectives.

The number of people working from home increased dramatically. However, working from home instills a false sense of safety. Employees tend to be more carefree in their work time, and if this isn’t the case, they certainly let their guard down when they’re not working.

For example, one employee can be careful while working from home. However, if they also use their work PC’s in their spare time, they can easily download or access suspicious links. These actions can also be performed by their children or spouses. These mistakes can affect the company they are working for.

If ransomware occurs or other viruses, it can mingle with the work files or access the company’s database. Fortunately, if the employee has had some basic cybersecurity training, these things can be avoided, and working from home can be safe.


How to Build a Security Culture Successfully?

Building an online security culture in your company is essential to maintain your cybersecurity on top-notch levels. This practise shouldn’t be a one-time thing but rather a fun and rewarding routine.

Employees should understand that the security department isn’t the only one in the front lines, but they are as well. Security isn’t negotiable, and everyone must adhere to it, from the bottom to the top. They should be aware of the risks, threats and understand what they should focus on, avoid, and do.

Security awareness is the pinnacle of safety. Everyone should take basic security lessons. Certain apps, like AppSec, can be used to teach your staff more advanced security lessons. An SDL – security development lifecycle – is also a great idea to boost your security culture.

Reward the people that complete your mandatory security awareness program, either in the form of a high-five or a small check. That person will tell others, and this will act as a motivator. One single data breach is far more costly than rewarding your employees for being security-oriented.

Finally, make your security culture fun, and use it as a means of growing your team closer. Discuss threats, solutions, the latest cybersecurity news, and promote the “us versus them” mentality.


Is it Possible to Secure Your Company and Stay Away From

Nothing is 100% secure in the online world. However, you can substantially secure your company against hackers by implementing a security culture in your organization. Train your employees, reward them, make it fun. Everyone who feels like they belong and know a thing or two about security will be more careful.


What Can be Done to Protect the Company From Cyber Threats?

Here are some quick tips on what you can do to protect your company from cyber-attacks and other online threats:


Hire Experts

Investment in cybersecurity is inevitable, so you should hire a professional or outside team for security audits. You can also boost your own IT team or get cybersecurity insurance.


Use VPNs

Use a VPN to encrypt your data. This can also be used to help your employees who work at home. A VPN will make you anonymous, your searches private, and your data highly encrypted, deterring hackers from even finding you.


Train Your Employees

Even with a VPN, you should train your employees in cybersecurity. If the download or access suspicious links, data breaches can still occur. Create a workplace security culture by training your employees regularly.


Use Antiviruses

Antiviruses are excellent against cybersecurity attacks. Get a good antivirus, and regularly check your PCs.


Keep Everything Updated

Keep everything, including your antivirus and other software and apps, up-to-date. Updates keep your security tight.