What You Can Do over the Christmas Break

What You Can Do over the Christmas Break
What You Can Do over the Christmas Break

After using every mental muscle you own during exams, it’s time to relax for the holidays. But the problem is, you may have forgotten how to relax.

To jog your memory, here are a few things you can do during your time off, so you can feel like a human being, instead of a student.


Catch up on your TV

Did your studies cause you to miss this season of Dexter? Heard good things about Boardwalk Empire, but no time to watch it? Now you have the time, so rent a pile of DVDs or set up a constant stream on your laptop.


Catch up on your movies

Like catching up on your TV shows, this can really make you feel reconnected. It has an added social bonus, as you can meet up with a few old friends to see something in 3D over the break.


Wake up without an alarm

This is probably already on your holiday to-do list. Getting out of the bed of your own accord can feel truly liberating and always makes you feel like you’re on vacation.


Connect with old friends

It doesn’t have to be in person, but find a way to reconnect with someone you’ve recently lost touch with. It can be as simple as meeting for coffee or setting up a FaceTime Chat


Look back on 2017

Some people make a “Songs of 2010” playlist to remember the year gone by, while others will introspectively look at their highs and lows. However, you choose to look back on 2017, be sure to evaluate the successes and failures.