Childrens Crying out For Help In Syria

There war happening everywhere, no matter what both sides are fighting for but children should not be in the middle of a war, and they can’t even escape seeking shelter because they are being bombed by Russian and Syria government.

The United States and POTUS has soo much power to save those kids from harm and provide them with water and foods, why is the world just watching and let innocent kids death, in the middle of a war that is not the kid’s fault

In the last two weeks, one thousand and forty-two people, including about a hundred and fifty-six children, have been killed in eastern Ghouta, in what human-rights groups fear is a final, all-out offensive to retake one of the few remaining rebel-held enclaves in the country. Bombings by Syrian and Russian planes have been indiscriminate, killing civilians, leveling homes, and destroying medical facilities. Bashar Al-Assad’s regime—with the full support of Vladimir Putin and the Russian military—have flouted calls for a complete ceasefire.

More than thirty medical facilities in eastern Ghouta and other parts of the country have been struck by Syrian and Russian air strikes since mid-February, and many of them are no longer functioning, according to Violations Documentation Center, a human-rights organization founded by opposition activists in Syria. “They’re using weapons that are guided, unlike barrel bombs,” Mona Zeineddine, a London-based spokeswoman for the group, told me. “If a town or village loses its hospital, and given how hard it is to commute between towns, it’s devastating to the people.”

A thirty-eight-year-old school teacher, who asked to be called Sarah, said that, in the initial days of the bombardments, she and ten members of her family, including five children, lived in one room in their house. At first, they prepared to live in the basement of their building, filling it with clothes, papers, shoes, and food. On February 24th, the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution that called for a thirty-day ceasefire. At 11 A.M. the next day, Sarah heard the sound of a plane. “It was obvious that ceasefire is a big lie,” she later wrote to me, in an e-mail. “The planes hit a village . . . . We knew they would return to hit other cities in Ghouta.”