Cities With Best Hospitals In Canada 2018

University Hospital
University Hospital

Cities With Best Hospitals In Canada even though Canada has the best healthcare system in the world,

It’s essential to live in a city with the best hospitals because most of the best doctors that could save your life can be found at those hospitals; Canada’s healthcare system is a point of Canadian pride.

We hold it up as a defining national characteristic and an example of what makes us different from Americans. The system has been supported in its current form, more or less, by parties of all political stripes for nearly 51 years.

Component of health care survey.

  • Skill and competency of medical staff
  • Speed in completing examinations and reports
  • Equipment for modern diagnosis and treatment
  • Accuracy and completeness in filling out reports
  • Friendliness and courtesy of the staff
  • Satisfaction with responsiveness (waitings) in medical institutions
  • Delight with a cost to you
  • The convenience of location for you


The Cities With Best Hospitals In Canada


10. Victoria

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, sits on the craggy southern end of Vancouver Island; Victoria has two top hospitals,

  • Royal Jubilee Hospital
  • Victoria General Hospital

HealthCare Index: 66.20
HealthCare Exp. Index: 121.34
Speed in completing examinations and reports: 52.14


9. Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba. Its heart is The Forks, a historic site at the Red and Assiniboine rivers intersection, and Winnipeg has three top hospitals.

  • Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg
  • Victoria General Hospital
  • Winnipeg Children’s Hospital

HealthCare Index: 66.64
HealthCare Exp. Index: 123.80
Speed in completing examination and reports: 53.65


8. Regina

Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada. The Royal Saskatchewan Museum has exhibits on Canada’s Aboriginal peoples and native animals.
Regina has Two top Hospitals

  • Regina General Hospital
  • Pasqual Hospital

HealthCare Index: 67.32
HealthCare Exp. Index: 122.72
Speed in completing examination and reports: 54.76


7. Vancouver

Vancouver, a bustling west coast seaport in British Columbia, is Canada’s densest, most ethnically diverse city. A popular filming location, it’s surrounded by mountains.
Vancouver has 5 top hospitals.

  • Vancouver General Hospital
  • St. Paul’s Hospital
  • BC Children’s Hospital
  • Lion Gate Hospitals

HealthCare Index: 73.22
HealthCare Exp. Index: 134.23
Speed in completing examination and reports: 62.61


6. Halifax

Halifax, an Atlantic Ocean port in eastern Canada, is the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. A major business center, it’s also known for its maritime history.
Halifax has three top hospitals

  • Victoria General
  • IWK Health Centre
  • Halifax Infirmary hospital

HealthCare Index: 73.27
HealthCare Exp. Index: 136.24
Speed in completing examination and reports: 55


5. Ottawa

Ottawa is Canada’s capital, in the east of southern Ontario, near the city of Montréal and the U.S. border. Sitting on the Ottawa River

Ottawa has 6 Hospitals

  • The Ottawa Hospital General Campus
  • The Ottawa Hospital Riverside Campus
  • The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  • The Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus
  • Hôpital Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital
  • Montfort Hospital

HealthCare Index: 73.43
HealthCare Exp. Index: 134.56
Speed in completing examination and reports: 67.06


4. Calgary

Calgary, a cosmopolitan Alberta city with numerous skyscrapers, owes its rapid growth to its status as the center of Canada’s oil industry
Calgary has 5 Hospitals

  • Foothills Medical Centre
  • Rocky view General Hospital
  • Peter Lougheed Centre
  • South Health Campus
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital

HealthCare Index: 74.02
HealthCare Exp. Index: 135.27
Speed in completing examinations and reports: 66.98


3. Toronto

Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is a major Canadian city along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. It’s a dynamic metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers, all dwarfed by the iconic, free-standing CN Tower.
Toronto has 9 Hospitals

  • Toronto General Hospital
  • Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
  • St. Joseph’s Health Centre
  • Toronto Western Hospital
  • Mount Sinai Hospital
  • St. Michael Hospital
  • Sick children Hospital
  • Humber River Hospital
  • North York General Hospital

HealthCare Index: 74.30
HealthCare Exp. Index: 136.22
Speed in completing examination and reports: 64.47


2. Edmonton

Edmonton, the capital of Canada’s Alberta province, sits on the North Saskatchewan River. Its past is recreated at Fort Edmonton Park,

Edmonton has seven hospital

  • University of Alberta Hospital
  • Royal Alexandra Hospital
  • Misericordia Community Hospital
  • Grey Nuns Community Hospital
  • Northeast Community Health Centre
  • Stollery Children’s Hospital
  • Walter C. Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre

HealthCare Index: 76.56
HealthCare Exp. Index: 142.17
Speed in completing examination and reports: 63.31


1. Hamilton

Hamilton is a Canadian port city on the western tip of Lake Ontario. The Niagara Escarpment, a vast, forested ridge known locally as “the mountain” and dotted with conservation areas and waterfalls, divides the city.
Hamilton has 7 Hospital

  • Hamilton General Hospital
  • McMaster Children’s Hospital
  • McMaster University Hospital
  • Juravinski Hospital – Hamilton Health Sciences
  • St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton – West 5th Campus
  • St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
  • Joseph Brant Hospital

HealthCare Index: 83.16
HealthCare Exp. Index: 154.47
Speed in completing examination and reports: 76.92


This post was initially published in Edmonton Gazette.