Cities With Best Hospitals In Canada 2019


The University Magazine 2nd annual Cities With Best Hospitals In Canada 2019 analysis reviews hospitals’ performance in adult and pediatric clinical specialties, procedures and conditions. Scores are based on several factors, including survival, patient safety, nurse staffing and more.


University Magazine Surveys The Following About Health Care:

  • Skill and competency of medical staff
  • Out-of-pocket expense
  • Speed in completing examination and reports
  • Equipment for modern diagnosis and treatment
  • Accuracy and completeness in filling out reports
  • Friendliness and courtesy of the staff
  • Responsiveness (waitings) in medical institutions
  • The convenience of location for you



Cities With Best Hospitals In Canada 2019


10. Winnipeg

Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg
Health Sciences Center Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of Manitoba With a population of 808,419 and the following Hospitals are the top rated in Winnipeg;

  • Health Science Centre Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg Children Hospital MB
  • Victoria General Hospital

Winnipeg moved from a 9th place 2018 to 10th In 2019

HealthCare index: 68.47
HealthCare Exp Index: 127.37
Speed in completing examination and reports: 53.26


9. Halifax


Halifax took quite a dive from 6th place in 2018 to 9th places in 2019, Halifax, an Atlantic Ocean port in eastern Canada with a population of 405,130,

Halifax’s top-rated hospitals;

  • Victoria General
  • IWK Health Centre
  • Halifax Infirmary hospital

HealthCare index: 71.09
HealthCare Exp Index: 131.10
Speed in completing examination and reports: 56.00


8. Kelowna

Kelowna General Hospital
Kelowna General Hospital

Kelowna is a city in the south of Canada’s British Columbia province with a population of 127,380, and Kelowna made the top 10 list for the first time with only with one big Hospital

Kelowna’s Top rated Hospitals;

  • Kelowna General Hospital

HealthCare index: 71.30
HealthCare Exp Index: 133.87
Speed in completing examination and reports: 57.14


7. Victoria

Royal Jubilee Hospital
Royal Jubilee Hospital

Victoria, capital of British Columbia and with a population of 382,085, Victoria made quite a jump from a 10th place 2018 to 7th place in 2019,

Victoria’s Top Rated Hospitals;

  • Royal Jubilee Hospital
  • Victoria General Hospital

HealthCare index: 71.98
HealthCare Exp Index: 132.78
Speed in completing examination and reports: 61.16


6. Vancouver

Vancouver Hospital
Vancouver Hospital

Vancouver, a bustling west coast seaport in British Columbia and with Greater Vancouver area population of 2,555,884, and Vancouver Moved From 7th places to 6th places in 2019

Vancouver’s top-rated Hospitals;

  • Vancouver General Hospital
  • St. Paul’s Hospital
  • BC Children’s Hospital
  • Lion Gate Hospitals

HealthCare index: 74.05
HealthCare Exp Index: 135.37
Speed in completing examination and reports: 62.97


5. Ottawa

The Ottawa Hospital Campus
The Ottawa Hospital Campus

Ottawa is Canada’s capital, in the east of southern Ontario and with an area population of 1,378,151. Ottawa remained 5th since 2018

Ottawa’s top-rated Hospitals;

  • The Ottawa Hospital General Campus
  • The Ottawa Hospital Riverside Campus
  • The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  • The Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus
  • Hôpital Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital
  • Montfort Hospital

HealthCare index: 74.58
HealthCare Exp Index: 136.85
Speed in completing examination and reports: 67.55


4. Toronto


Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is a major Canadian city with GTA Population of 6,139,404, Toronto moved down the list from 3rd place to 4th place this year,

Toronto’s top-rated Hospitals

  • Toronto General Hospital
  • Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
  • St. Joseph’s Health Centre
  • Toronto Western Hospital
  • Mount Sinai Hospital
  • St. Michael Hospital
  • Sick children Hospital
  • Humber River Hospital
  • North York General Hospital

HealthCare index: 75.33
HealthCare Exp Index: 137.54
Speed in completing examination and reports: 64.86


3. Calgary


Calgary, a cosmopolitan Alberta city with numerous skyscrapers, with growing Population of 1,512,539. Calgary moved up the list from 4th place in 2018 to 3rd places in 2019.

Calgary’s top-rated Hospital;

  • Foothills Medical Centre
  • Rocky view General Hospital
  • Peter Lougheed Centre
  • South Health Campus
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital

HealthCare index: 75.95
HealthCare Exp Index: 139.93
Speed in completing examination and reports: 68.80


2. Edmonton


Edmonton, capital of Canada’s Alberta province, sits on the North Saskatchewan River. with the fastest growing Population of 1,429,743. Edmonton remained second since 2018,

Edmonton’s top-rated Hospital;

  • University of Alberta Hospital
  • Royal Alexandra Hospital
  • Misericordia Community Hospital
  • Grey Nuns Community Hospital
  • Northeast Community Health Centre
  • Stollery Children’s Hospital
  • Walter C. Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre

HealthCare index: 78.89
HealthCare Exp Index: 145.34
Speed in completing examination and reports: 65.36


1. Hamilton

hamilton general hospital
hamilton general hospital

Hamilton remained number one for the second year in a row and serving 762,808 of it’s Populations. Hamilton is doing something right and the rest of the country can learn from them,

Hamilton’s Top-rated Hospitals;

  • Hamilton General Hospital
  • McMaster Children’s Hospital
  • McMaster University Hospital
  • Juravinski Hospital – Hamilton Health Sciences
  • St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton – West 5th Campus
  • St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
  • Joseph Brant Hospital

HealthCare index: 78.89
HealthCare Exp Index: 152.90
Speed in completing examination and reports: 75.69



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Cities With Best Hospitals In Canada 2019

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