Cities With The Best Quality of Life In the United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is a nation made up of England, Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is known as the birth of contemporary parliamentary democracy and the industrial revolution.

Britain’s global role receded in the twentieth century after the Second World War. The empire’s loss, which was “not set by the sun,” and the result of the referendum held in 2016 on the European Union membership raised serious questions about its role at the international level.

Nevertheless, the UK remains an economic and military power to reckon with, with significant political and cultural influence worldwide.


Here Are Cities With The Best Quality of Life In the United Kingdom



Edinburgh, Scotland

It was said that it is a city of two halves, half historical and the other half modern, two halves that ranged between the past’s nobility and the present’s splendour. The old city and the new city were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The ancient town with its buildings, its remarkable history and its cobbled streets, and the new town with its quiet buildings and paths allow Visitors to enjoy an unforgettable trip.

  • Quality of Life: 176.65
  • Health Care: 80.69
  • Pollution: 27.65




Liverpool is the second largest port city in Britain in terms of its size and importance. The Liverpool city is located in the northwest of England, north of the Merzi River in the Irish Sea, and to the south of the mouth is the town of Berkhand,

This island is from the port of Liverpool and connects thetwo cities with a long tunnel running on the river floor. In sporting terms, Liverpool is famous for two historic football clubs; Liverpool, the most famous English club in tournaments, with its stadium in Enfield, Everton and Goodison Park.

  • Quality of Life: 174.83
  • Health Care: 85.71
  • Pollution: 30.20




It is the largest city in Northern Ireland and the county of Ulster in general and the second-largest city on the island of Ireland (after Dublin). In the 2001 census of the population within city limits (metropolitan Belfast), 276,459 while 579,554 people lived in the Belfast metropolitan area.

These things make it the fifteenth – the largest city in the UK, but the eleventh largest among urban communities. Belfast is located on the east coast of Northern Ireland. The town is surrounded to the northwest by a series of hills, which is believed to have inspired writer Jonathan Swift (1667-1745 CE) for the novel “Gulliver’s Travels.”

  • Quality of Life: 174.01
  • Health Care: 71.74
  • Pollution: 27.86




On the Clyde River banks in the west of the Scottish Central Plains, Glasgow is the third-largest city in the United Kingdom in terms of area. Since ancient times of history, it has a place, especially after the University of Glasgow’s founding in the fifteenth century.

The city also witnessed an industrial revolution in the eighteenth century that transformed it from a rural Scottish town into an industrial town. Then it ranked fourth at the European level in terms of commercial importance and population density. Glasgow is one of Britain’s famous tourist destinations due to its distinctive tourist attractions, activities, and events.

  • Quality of Life: 172.01
  • Health Care: 80.60
  • Pollution: 34.98




Cambridge is a British city located 115.6 km² east of Angela, 80 km north of London. In the city, evidence shows the extent of scientific progress that is enjoyed.

It is a British city distinguished by its picturesque streets, quiet atmosphere, and beautiful gardens with vast green spaces. The town is filled with museums, galleries and theatres; It is rich in arts and culture.

  • Quality of Life: 168.35
  • Health Care: 73.79
  • Pollution: 32.18




Leeds is a city in England and the third-largest city in the country with an estimated population of 474,000. Leeds’ city is located in the north center of the country in West Yorkshire, covering 551 km2. Currently, the city has an excellent economy and one of the most diversified economies in the region of all sectors.

The city is still considered one of the most important industrial centers globally, and there are currently more than 1,800 companies in it. The city enjoys an oceanic climate with mild summers with cold winters with moderate levels of precipitation. Football is the first sport in the town, and it is the headquarters of several clubs, the most famous of these clubs is Leeds United.

  • Quality of Life: 165.82
  • Health Care: 82.58
  • Pollution: 46.44




Bristol is a British city with winding architecture with beautiful hilly vistas, and lots of historical attractions to explore. Anyone who loves ships will have a wonderful time aboard the SS Great Britain on the Brunel Bridge,

the world’s first large ocean liner, as well as Matthew’s boat, a replica of the ship John Cabot, sailed to America in the fifteenth century. The impressive Clifton Suspension Bridge is another must-visit attraction.

  • Quality of Life: 156.14
  • Health Care: 73.54
  • Pollution: 45.07




Manchester is considered one of the most famous British cities due to its ancient history and splendid culture. It was also classified as the first industrial city globally, as it contains many factories in various fields.

The city of Manchester is characterized by mildness in the summer and cold in the winter. It works to attract many tourists from all over the world due to its famous tourist attractions. An elegant architectural style distinguishes the buildings in the city.

  • Quality of Life: 147.17
  • Health Care: 78.42
  • Pollution: 52.96




Birmingham is the second-largest tourism city in England because of its attractions and unusual recreational activities. If you prefer learning about history and civilizations, as well as enjoying the charming nature, you should travel to Birmingham, but you must first know where Birmingham is located?

The city of chocolate is called because of the largest chocolate factory, the famous Cadbury, which has become a tourist attraction in the town and the excellent Black Country Museum and other places of tourism in Birmingham that are worth visiting.

  • Quality of Life: 145.13
  • Health Care: 73.75
  • Pollution: 49.55




London is a British city to the core, but it is multinational, and people from all over the world are drawn to it. The pluralism of London made it a place with unlimited potential. If you want to watch a movie at the French cinema, no problem! Or would you like to have brunch at a bakery in Nordic? Or dinner at an ancient Mongolian restaurant? Yes, you can choose between all of these.

And it is not just about eating food, as London has benefited from the different nationalities in it over the years, which helped it increase its share of creativity, making it a leading global capital in various fields.

  • Quality of Life: 127.98
  • Health Care: 71.26
  • Pollution: 58.90