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cloud computing
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Cloud computing is one of hot topic from more that past one decade but becoming more relevant day by day. No matter how much we try to ignore but we should know about it to make our work more easier. Today we have plethora of articles regarding cloud computing on internet and even Amazon has its own vast resource of information. Even when I started doing research over it I came across many basic and obvious questions. Through this article, I have tried to convey basics of AWS in simple language by highlighting its scope to students within technical background.

How cloud model is different from on-premise networking systems?

In past most of networking systems used by business organisation were installed in offices physically which is called as on-premises networking system. But running on-premise system are not that easy to do so. First, you need to invest on buying the systems as capital purchase. Second, once it is installed you always need some one person in your organisation who is trained to work over it and can make any changes required. Third, there is still a point of failure that is if your system crashes due to some reason like software upgradation then at that time there will be no network for communication. Considering all these factors there was a dire need to have a more economical and efficient solution and from more than a decade ago Amazon came forward with cloud based solution for it.

About AWS

Amazon web services is one of leading on-demand cloud computing business model. In Fact it has 30% of entire clouding computing market in it. AWS introduced cloud computing business model when no other company had. Individuals, companies, government organizations everyone uses it. In simple words AWS is infrastructure as service provider which have a lot more in it to offer that is computation, storage, networking, DNS and Database. Idea is simple that is you can build what you need.

High Scalability

Amazon offers high scalable solution. It enables us to build different containerized applications. These include long running, machine learning and many more applications. We can launch thousands of docker container in a seconds with no hard complexity.

Before knowing what is container technology, lets know why do we need containers?

Container technology solves this problem. A container holds necessary components to run desired software and are more consistent and agile. It packages all dependencies and application code into blocks. Containers can help to  ensure that applications deploy quickly, reliably, and consistently regardless of deployment environment. It improves infrastructure efficiency, scalability, availability and security. Following diagram show how container technology is different from simple machine virtualization. There is also container engine which is explained further.

Container consist of libraries and other dependencies that we need to run your software. But no operating system is required inside container to run. So here comes Docker to solve this problem. Docker is a system that interact with operating system to create containers. It is kind of virtualization but unlike Virtual machines the resource is shared directly with host.  

Not only this Amazon web services has various other important elements in it which together provide an efficient solution for clients. Some of these are:

Future scope in cloud computing

There is no denying fact that cloud computing has become the talk of technical towns throughout the globe. You can say it is helping hand for several enterprises to save money and more convenience to users. It is making life easier for those who are working in tech-gaint organizations. Moreover, it opens up horizons for engineers to work for cloud architect, cloud developers, cloud security and many more.


Not only amazon many other big companies such as google, microsoft, IBM, cloud Sigma, VMware provide cloud computing opportunities to professionals who have knowledge for this. Even for students there are many courses available online for those who have interest in it and want to pursue in their careers. I hope you find this article useful and now you must be curious to know a lot more about cloud computing and AWS. Do not forget to share with your friends who would love to read about it.