College With Most NFL Players

College With Most NFL Players
College With Most NFL Players

When it comes to college football, there’s more at stake than just school pride and championship trophies. These university programs serve as the training ground for future National Football League (NFL) stars.

While some colleges may have a strong football program, others stand out as the main feeders to the NFL, consistently producing high-calibre athletes with successful professional careers.

We will explore the top ten colleges with the most NFL players as of 2023. We will illustrate the symbiotic relationship between college football and the NFL and these institutions’ significant role in nurturing the next generation of football stars.


College With Most NFL Players


1. University of Alabama

University of Alabama football
University of Alabama

The University of Alabama leads the pack, with 58 alums currently in the NFL. Known for its storied football program and history of athletic excellence, Alabama, with a total enrollment of 38,560 students in fall 2023, has nurtured numerous players who have made it to the big stage. Despite a 53% four-year graduation rate, the school’s representation in the NFL remains unmatched.


2. Ohio State University

Ohio State University Football
Ohio State University

With 52 current NFL players, Ohio State University is one of the most significant contributors to the professional league. With a larger student body of 66,444, it has a higher four-year graduation rate than Alabama, at 67%, indicating a strong emphasis on athletics and academics.


3. Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University

Matching Ohio State’s tally of NFL players is Louisiana State University (LSU), another college football powerhouse. LSU remains a significant source of NFL talent, with a total enrollment of 37,354 and a four-year graduation rate of 46%.


4. University of Georgia

University of Georgia Football
University of Georgia Football

The University of Georgia, with 44 former students now playing in the NFL, sits comfortably in fourth place. With a total enrollment of 37,606 and a four-year graduation rate of 69%, the school demonstrates a balanced focus on education and athletics.


5. University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame football
University of Notre Dame football

The University of Notre Dame, with a total of 37 NFL players, is a smaller institution with a total enrollment of 13,139. However, the school boasts an impressive four-year graduation rate of 90%, illustrating that its student-athletes excel on and off the field.


6. Pennsylvania State University – University Park

PSU University Park football
PSU University Park football

With 35 NFL players, Penn State University Park has a strong football program. The university had a large student body of 47,560 in the fall of 2023, but its four-year graduation rate was unavailable.


7. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

University of Michigan Football
The University of Michigan Football

The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, with 33 NFL players, continues its tradition of producing top-tier athletes. The university boasts a high four-year graduation rate of 81% and a substantial total enrollment of 50,278.


8. University of Florida

University of Florida Football
The University of Florida Football

Matching the University of Michigan’s NFL player count, the University of Florida is another key contributor to the NFL. The university has a total enrollment of 55,781 and a four-year graduation rate of 72%, maintaining a balance between athletics and academics.


9. University of Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma Football
Oklahoma Football

The University of Oklahoma, with 32 former students currently in the NFL, supports a strong football program. The university, which has a total enrollment of 28,042, has a four-year graduation rate of 50%.


10. University of Iowa

university of iowa football
university of iowa football

Rounding out the top ten is the University of Iowa, with 31 players in the NFL. With a total enrollment of 29,909 and a four-year graduation rate of 56%, the university continues fostering NFL-ready talent while focusing on academic success.

These universities are committed to nurturing football talent, helping shape the NFL’s future. However, it’s essential to recognize the balance between academic success and athletic prowess these institutions aim to strike, showing that being a student-athlete is more than just sporting performance. The number of athletes who make it


Frequently Asked Questions: College With Most NFL Players 2023


1. What college has produced the most NFL players?

As of 2023, the University of Alabama has produced the most NFL players,, with 58.


2. What is the graduation rate for these colleges?

The graduation rates vary among these colleges. For instance, the University of Notre Dame has a 90% graduation rate, whereas Louisiana State University has a 46% graduation rate.


3. Are these statistics updated annually?

These statistics are updated annually, reflecting the dynamic nature of college football and the NFL draft.


4. Does more NFL players mean the college has a better football program?

Not necessarily. While many NFL players indicate that a college has a strong football program, other factors such as coaching quality, facilities, and academic support also play a crucial role in defining the strength of a football program.


5. Does the university’s size correlate with the number of NFL players it produces?

Not always. While more prominent universities might have more resources for their football programs, smaller universities,, such as the University of Notre Dame,, have also produced many NFL players.


6. How does a college’s graduation rate relate to its number of NFL players?

A college’s graduation rate reflects its commitment to academic achievement. However, it doesn’t directly correlate to the number of NFL players. Some colleges with lower graduation rates have produced many NFL players, and vice versa.


7. How do players transition from college to the NFL?

Most players transition from college to the NFL through the NFL Draft, an annual event where teams select eligible players to join the league. Some players may also participate as undrafted free agents.


8. How can I stay updated on which college is leading in producing NFL players

Various sports networks and websites track and update this information regularly. Checking these sources, particularly around the time of the NFL Draft, can help you stay informed.


9. What role do college football coaches play in player development?

College football coaches play a significant role in player development. They help refine the players’ skills, teach them the game’s nuances, and prepare them for the potential jump to the NFL.


10. Are there other paths to the NFL outside of these top ten colleges?

Yes, many players in the NFL have come from colleges outside of this top ten list. Some have even transitioned from different sports or football programs outside the United States.