The Coolest Job Titles in America 2018

The Coolest Job Titles in America
The Coolest Job Titles in America

As the knowledge economy grows, niche jobs and notable experts have become more common in our culture. Read on to discover 10 of the coolest job titles in America some of which you may even aspire to.

In today’s ruthless competition and continuous innovation era, people don’t want stodgy, confining job titles. Rather than calling employees by a traditional moniker, many leading companies opt to use more playful tags for their employees.


1. Director of Insights and Innovation

Do you walk into a business and immediately think of 10 ways you can make things more efficient, more accessible, more exciting or just plain better? Companies hire the Director of Insights and Innovation at Decision Analyst to do just that. Some organizations even employ their Managers of Innovation, who are experts in the field responsible for keeping ideas flowing.


2. Head of Astronaut Relations

Have you heard of Virgin Galactic? That’s the space tourism arm of billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin corporation (think Virgin Airlines and Virgin Records). Virgin Galactic employs one man to sell future space rides to aspiring astronauts: The Head of Astronaut Relations.


3. Brain Trainer

Have you ever driven yourself crazy trying to remember someone’s name, what you had for lunch last week or some other little fact that you know should be right on your tongue? It turns out that you can do little exercises to improve recall. The professionals who can guide you through these exercises are known as Brain Trainers.


4. Fantasy Broker

Got a zany dream? It’s your Fantasy Broker’s job to make it come true. Whether you want to spend just one night singing on a Broadway stage or fly to 100 countries in 100 days, there are fantasy firms all over the country that can make it happen – for a fee, of course.


5. Passion Catalyst

Not sure what your dream is? Hire a Passion Catalyst who will work with you to identify your passions and help you build a career – or fantasy experience – around them.


6. Doctor of Invention

Who could come up with better medical inventions than the doctors themselves? So goes the doctor of Invention’s argument, a medical doctor and inventor striving to convince more physicians to join him in his quest to improve medical technology.


7. Flexibility Consultant

We’re constantly striving to make our lives more organized and efficient, but it’s a Flexibility Consultant’s job to teach us how to let go. They argue that some of the best innovation comes out of a strategic mess and a little less control.


8. Culture Coach

These advice columnists specialize in teaching people how to relate to each other across international – and cultural – divides, from coworkers to spouses-to-be.


9. Experience Designer

Experience Designers take commercial product design to the next level, specializing in understanding and improving the end user’s experience. These professionals need to understand target audiences from every different demographic to ‘get into the heads of all potential users.


10. Labyrinth Designer

Do you dream of designing mazes or trimming creepy hedges? The Labyrinth Society is looking for you! Labyrinth Designers plan and implement the world’s labyrinthian paths.