Coolest Work Study Jobs on Campus

Coolest Work Study Jobs on Campus
Coolest Work-Study Jobs on Campus

The Work Study program is offered jointly by Career Services and the Student Awards Office to provide students with Part Time jobs opportunity during their academic years.
The University and the government funds work Study positions. There are a Fall and Winter, program as well as a summer program. Each new academic semesters requires the submission of a new application for entitlement.

Work Study Jobs on Campus


Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant - Teaching small group
Teaching Assistant – Teaching small group

Teaching Assistants – Performing teaching duties, such as teaching lower level courses, developing teaching materials, preparing and giving exams, and grading exams and grading individuals.

You must be registered Student in undergraduate programs. Undergraduate Students who primarily perform non-teaching duties, such as research, should be reported in the occupational category related to the work done.


Information Desk

student working at Information Desk
student working at the Information Desk

The Information Desk attendant will serve as a resource for customers in the  Campus Center moreover, is responsible for answering inquiries and knowing locations on campus and Services. Serving as the building host; welcoming persons approaching by the information booth.

Serving as the facility host; welcoming individuals approaching by the information booth, ensuring customer service provided in a well-mannered and professional manner to clients and all other. Performing Cashier duties to include the counting and recording of money receive and exchange for change.


You can do homework and play during the downtime while on duty; it is okay to have your computer on. Which mean you can be watching your favorite show on Netflix and get Paid


Computer Centre Assistant

student working at computer Centre
student working at computer Centre

Computer Centre Assistant is responsible for providing assistance to students and faculty. You are the contact person for students seeking technical help with computer related issues in the lab of equipment and Student Engagement Center, during scheduled hours. Perform basic computer troubleshooting, including course-specific Software and printer maintenance.


Biology Lab Assistant

lab assistant- Running Biology laboratory class
lab assistant- Running Biology laboratory class

Only few student workers every semester, most of which are lab assistants. They only ask our top Biology students to be a lab assistant, so it is an honor to be in this spot.  It is somewhat that can certainly can go on your resume later, and it also allows the Biology professors to get to know you much better. This can result in a much more full and helpful reference for you later when you apply to graduate or professional schools

Keep in mind the following requirements:

A major in Cell Biology, Clinical Laboratory Science;
a GPA of 3.0 or higher (both in overall GPA and in the Biology courses you have taken)
an excellent work ethic faithful, able to take instruction well, willing to do more than you are asked to do, careful, well prepared


Admission Office Assistant

Student working at Admission office
Student working at Admission office

Admission Office Assistant is responsible for Assisting the operations of the Admissions and Registration, Articulation and Assessment Services and Information Services Units within the Registrar’s Office; the incumbent is expected to handle various responsibilities, solve complex problems and ensure that systems and processes meet service. Expectations and strategic goals for admissions and registrations. Also, the incumbent is assisting the Registrar in other key areas and acting as the Registrar in their absence


Student Library Assistant

Student library Assistant working
Student library Assistant working

Student Library Assistant. Assist staff with daily, monotonous library operations. Responsibilities include library searches, general office work, data entry, assisting students, and maintaining statistics. … Perform complex library tasks with minimal supervision.


Sport & Recreation Centre

student working at the Sports Centre
student working at the Sports Centre

Sport & Recreation Centre assistant ensure to provide programs of the highest caliber for our clientele, they’re constantly looking for exceptional trainers and event managers in a variety of activities and sports.

Working for Campus & Community Recreation is fun, flexible, engaging, a great experience – and you’ll meet some incredible people!