Countries That Drink The Most Coca Cola

countries that drink the most coca cola
countries that drink the most coca cola

Coca-Cola or soft drinks are flavored, carbonated, non-alcoholic beverages containing caloric (sugar or high-fructose corn syrup) and non-caloric (aspartame or sucralose) sweeteners. Coca-Cola use is becoming an increasingly important feature of unhealthy lifestyles, particularly among the world’s youth.

It grows in popularity throughout the summer months as the temperatures rise, making the sweets, fizz, and flavorings all the more enticing. But, unfortunately, one of the most damaging impacts of soft drink usage is that its high sugar content can contribute to obesity, dental damage, and bone thinning.

Furthermore, even calorie- and sugar-free “diet” soft beverages are increasingly identified as sources of harmful health outcomes. While soft drinks are popular worldwide, the following list is the top peaceful drink-consuming countries per population.


Countries That Drink The Most Coca Cola 2021

RankCountry Serving size of 8 ounces.
2United States
5South Africa

7Great Britain
12South Korea84
16Nigeria 49
17Indonesia 18
* The figures are based on a serving size of 8 ounces. statista

Mexico had the most significant consumption of carbonated soft drinks in 2019, with approximately 630 8-ounce cups per year. The United States came in second with nearly the same amount, while Brazil came in third with less than half the amount of soft drinks eaten by Mexicans that year.

Lipton, Red Bull, and Yili were among the most valued soft drink brands in 2019. On the other hand, Coca-Cola was by far the most valuable soft drink brand of the year, with a brand value of about 70 billion dollars. Pepsi, a well-known competitor, had a market value of almost 11 billion dollars over the same period. PepsiCo’s net revenue in the United States was around 65 billion dollars a year ago.