Countries With Highest Poverty Rate 2022

Countries With Highest Poverty Rate 2022
Countries With Highest Poverty Rate 2022

Countries suffering from war crises and drought top the list of the poorest countries around the world. Some statistics show that the number of poor people worldwide reaches two billion and 736 million, constantly increasing. However, classifying countries based on poverty and prosperity sometimes depends on traditional indicators such as “the gross domestic product per capita,

The workers’ number, the administration quality, economy, education, health and other things.” In this post, we highlight the poorest countries around the world in this report, and we hope that your country will not be on the list.


Countries With Highest Poverty Rate 2022


10. Burundi

Burundi suffers from several problems that impede economic progress, including political instability, rampant corruption, high illiteracy rates, and poverty.

  • Population below poverty line: 64.6%


9. South Sudan

South Sudan gained independence in July 2011, but many conflicts have plagued it. Therefore, more than two million refugees from South Sudan live outside the country.

  • Population below poverty line: 76.4%


8. Sao Tome and Principe

The latest immediate threat to poverty reduction efforts, the Corona pandemic in Sao Tome and Principe, has caused a global economic catastrophe whose adverse effects are still spreading.

  • Population below poverty line: 66.7%


7. Guinea-Bissau

The Ebola epidemic hit Guinea in 2014 and caused severe damage to its economy, especially after investors stopped investing in it, causing additional burdens on the country that suffered for an extended period of political instability.

  • Population below poverty line: 67%


6. Suriname

Suriname is one of the countries that suffer from poverty due to the poor infrastructure, the internal conflicts that the country suffers from, and climate change, which has led to the deterioration of the population’s conditions.

  • Population below poverty line: 70%


5. Nigeria

Nigeria’s poverty is due to several reasons, including fragile institutions and an over-reliance on finance. It has high illiteracy rates, and child mortality rates are still high compared to other African countries.

  • Population below poverty line: 40.1%


4. Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone ranks high in the world’s poorest countries, with high inflation rates and heavy state reliance on financing hampering economic growth.

  • Population below poverty line: 56.8%


3. Madagascar

Madagascar suffers from power struggles and has one of the highest child mortality rates in the world due to the lack of quality health services and medical care in the country.

  • Population below poverty line: 70.7%


2. Zimbabwe

Poverty in Zimbabwe is due to several reasons, such as the spread of terrorist operations, immigration, climate change, excessive population growth, the spread of diseases such as malaria, poor health services, and weak infrastructure.

  • Population below poverty line: 38.3%


1. Syria

Beginning in 2011, Syria plunged into a civil war in which several external parties participated militarily. As a result, the Syrian economy was destroyed. The country was exposed to the worst economic crises in its history. Today, Syria occupies meagre positions on more than one level, including classifying the world’s poorest, most dangerous and least developed countries.

  • Population below poverty line: 82.5%



Countries With Highest Poverty Rate 2022

RankCountries Poverty Rate
4Sierra Leone56.8%
6Suriname 70%
8Sao Tome and Principe 66.7%
9South Sudan
10Burundi 64.6%