Countries With the Highest High School Graduation Rates 2019

Countries With the Highest High School Graduation Rates 2019
Countries With the Highest High School Graduation Rates 2019

Many developed countries heavily spend billions of dollars on education to have the most educated people in their country to give everyone the same opportunity level,

Some of the countries with the highest rates of high school graduation in the world are among the most developed in the globe.

Some of the things that increase the chances of high school graduation include the presence of well-established policies on education and strong economies translating to more resources for the education sector.

Other factors include smaller populations, which equate to a low teacher to student ratio, as well as educations systems that keep learners in compulsory school for longer. Below is a selection of some of the countries with the highest high school graduation rates.

Countries With the Highest High School Graduation Rates 2019

RankCountryGraduation Rate %
1South Korea 99
3Japan 95
6United Kingdom 94
7Armenia 93

South Korea

graduation south Korea
graduation south Korea

South Korea’s system is standardized as much as, if not more, than Japan’s system above. Unlike Japan, both private and public schools receive financial aid from the government although public schools receive more funding. In fact, the country spends about 4.7% of its gross domestic product on education, which is around the OECD average spending. Among the OECD nations,

South Korea also has some of the highest figures for sciences, math, and reading literacy, which translates to a high rate of literacy (about 99.9%). For example, a ranking on the performance of students in math and sciences in 2014 by the OECD, South Korea emerged second.

Looking at high school life, it is evident that high school students work more than their counterparts do in other countries. As they move closer to graduation, these students study for long hours in order to get sufficient grades for top universities. A typical schedule of a high school student starts at 5 am in the morning and spends the day in school until 4 pm.

After that, students usually have a period of self-study (called Yaja) in the evening until 10 or 11 pm. After Yaja, they may even attend specialty schools until 2 am.