Countries With The Most Debt 2020

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How To Start Your Own Business In Canada

The list of countries with the most debt 2020 is constantly changing as different countries take on more and more debt. Currently, the United States holds first place for the total debt, with over $22 trillion in outstanding liabilities. Japan is a close second, with over $21 trillion in total debt. Finally, Italy and China round out the top five, with debt totals of $2.1 trillion and $2 trillion, respectively.

These numbers are concerning, highlighting the growing global problem of unsustainable levels of debt. Many experts warn that if this trend continues, we could see another global financial crisis in the near future. To make matters worse, some countries are already struggling to repay their debts – Greece being a prime example. So what can be done to address this issue?

The ratio, says the OECD, indicates a country’s economic health. The OECD data does not reflect recent policy measures, such as the impact tax reductions will have on a country’s overall debt. The following are With Countries With The Most Debt 2020


Here Are Countries With The Most Debt 2020


10. Canada

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Debt is piling up worldwide, but some countries are in a much worse position than others. For example, according to the latest figures from the International Monetary Fund, Canada has the most debt relative to its economy of any country in the world.

As of 2020, Canadian debt stood at 110 percent of GDP. That’s more than twice as high as Japan’s debt-to-GDP ratio and more than four times higher than Germany’s.

Canada’s high debt levels are a cause for concern. They could lead to a financial crisis if interest rates rise or the economy weakens. And they could also make it harder for Canada to respond to future downturns.

Debt-to-GDP ratio: 114 percent
The 2019 GDP: $1.7 Trillion


9. Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Spain is among the countries with the most debt in 2020. With a debt-to-GDP ratio of over 119%, the country struggles to keep its head above water. The government has been implementing austerity measures to bring down the debt, but these have only caused more pain for the people. The unemployment rate is currently at over 20%, and many people struggle to make ends meet. The situation is dire, and it doesn’t look like things will be getting better anytime soon.

Debt-to-GDP ratio: 114 percent
The 2019 GDP: $1.39 Trillion


8. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Debt is a global issue that does not discriminate. Countries from all over the world owe trillions of dollars in debt. The United Kingdom is one of the countries with the most debt in 2020. The country’s total public debt is estimated to be 2.5 trillion pounds, about $3.2 trillion US dollars. This amount of debt equals about 88% of the country’s GDP.

The UK has been dealing with financial instability in recent years. The vote to leave the European Union (Brexit) caused a lot of uncertainty in the markets, and the country’s economy has been struggling ever since. To stabilize things, the government has been increasing spending and taking on more debt.

Debt-to-GDP ratio: 119 percent
The 2019 GDP: $2.8 Trillion


7. France

University of France

France is the country with the 7th most debt in the world. The government has a total debt of $2.5 trillion as of 2020. This is a large amount of money, and it continues to grow. The French government is trying to take steps to reduce this debt, but it is a difficult task.

Many factors have led to this high debt, including spending on social programs and military operations. In addition, France also has a high private-sector debt, which contributes to the overall problem.

Debt-to-GDP ratio: 116 percent
The 2019 GDP: $2.8 Trillion USD


6. United States

Washington, D.C
United States

The United States is currently the country with the most debt. In 2020, the country’s total public debt was estimated to be $30 trillion. This accounts for 133% of the country’s GDP. The following closest country is Japan, which has a public debt of $10 trillion, or 240% of its GDP.

Debt-to-GDP ratio: 134 percent
The 2019 GDP: $30 Trillion USD


5. Belgium


After Italy and Greece, Belgium has the third-highest debt-to-GDP ratio in the European Union.  The country’s public debt stood at 105 percent of GDP in 2018.  This is a significant increase from the 115 percent of GDP recorded in 2008.

The main drivers of Belgium’s increasing public debt are population aging and rising healthcare costs.  In addition, the country has been hit hard by the financial crisis and subsequent recession.  These factors have led to a decline in tax revenue and increased government spending.

Belgium has made some efforts to reduce its debt level, including pension reform and spending cuts. However, more needs to be done to address the root causes of the problem. If left unchecked, Belgium’s high public debt could lead to a fiscal crisis.

Debt-to-GDP ratio: 115 percent
The 2019 GDP: $530.23 Billion USD


4. Portugal


Debt is a big problem for countries all over the world. In 2020, Belgium will be one of the countries with the most debt. The government has racked up a total debt of $231.3 billion. This is equivalent to 125% of the country’s GDP.

Belgium’s high debt levels are a major concern. If the country doesn’t take action, it could face a financial crisis in the near future. Therefore, the government needs to reduce its debt levels and improve its fiscal position.

There are several steps that Belgium can take to address its debt problem. For example, the government could raise taxes or reduce spending on social programs. It could also sell off state-owned assets or privatize certain businesses.

These measures will be complex for the Belgian people to accept, but they are necessary if the country wants to get its debt under control.

Debt-to-GDP ratio: 125 percent
The 2019 GDP: $237.67 Billion USD


3. Italy

Rome Italy

Debt is a problem worldwide, but some countries are in worse shape than others. For example, in 2020, Italy will have the most debt of any country. With more than $2.3 trillion in debt, it is clear that something needs to be done to address this issue.

The Italian government has been working on a plan to reduce its debt for years, but it has not had much success so far. The country’s economy is weak, and its tax revenue is not enough to cover its expenses. This has led to a growing deficit and an increasing amount of debt.

Some people call for Italy to default on its debt and start over, but that would be a very risky move. Defaulting on your debt can lead to economic disaster, and it is not clear that Italy would be able to recover from such a collapse.

Debt-to-GDP ratio: 156 percent
The 2019 GDP: $2.084 Trillion USD


2. Greece

Crete, Greece

As of 2020, Greece has the most debt of any country in the world. The country’s debt is over 330 billion euros or about 207% of its GDP. This is in part because Greece has been unable to generate significant economic growth in recent years. In addition, the country has had to rely on bailout loans from other countries and international organizations to stay afloat.

These loans have conditions that require Greece to implement austerity measures, further hampering economic growth. As a result, there is some hope that the country’s economy will improve in coming years, but Greece will likely continue to face significant debt challenges for some time to come.

Debt-to-GDP ratio: 207 percent
The 2019 GDP: $209.85 Billion USD


1. Japan


Debt can be a crippling weight on any country, but some are more burdened by it than others. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Japan has the most debt of any country. In 2020, its total public and private debt will reach 253% of its GDP. This is large because Japan’s population is aging, and its economy has been stagnant for years. The government has attempted to stimulate growth with stimulus packages, but these have largely failed. Meanwhile, the country’s debt continues to mount.

Other countries with high levels of debt relative to their GDP include Italy (132%), Greece (180%), and Portugal (130%). These countries are all struggling with high levels of unemployment and slow economic growth. They also face the risk of defaulting on their debt, which could have disastrous consequences for their economies.

Debt-to-GDP ratio: 253 percent
The 2019 GDP: $5.065 Trillion USD


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