Beware of Cyber attacks

Beware of Cyber attacks

There is no doubt that digitalization is stealing show in every field. But there are cons in everything. Dark side of world wide web that it is becoming Catastrophic with increase in cyber attack. Estimate amount made by cyber attack is around 100 billion dollars which is coming from millions of users victimised every day. We want our readers beware of cyber attacks. So this article describes about different ways cyber attacks are creating threats to people all around the globe.


One of Example for cyber attack is Uber which suffered from massive attack. Hackers were having information of 57 million customer and driver. Information include phone number, email ID, location, license details and payment method credentials.Uber also confirmed that they had paid the hackers $100,000 to delete the data and keep the breach quiet. Though sounds so groovy that such attacks on internet based platform can loot lot of money. Even majority of such crimes are kept under wrap as big companies don’t want their customers or general public to leave them.

Following are the important factors which leverage cyber attacks:

Social Engineering:

social engineering

The first chapter for every online guy to become hacker is social media. Listing answers for security questions or sharing your personal information can be a big loop hope for hackers to know your information and misuse for looting your money and credentials. All this information leverages to the business of a hacker pretending to be customer to the bank or a hacker pretending to be a bank to the customer.

Finding jobs or hiring through Linkedin:

Finding jobs or hiring through linkedin

One of prominent tool for leveraging Business to Business sales and more importantly recruiting social media platform is Linkedin. But it is shocking to hear that there are many frauds happening here as well. People are more likely get attracted by good job through job postings and they even share their information to them. These kind of frauds are also true for reverse case. Company downloads the resume send from applicants to them and that turns out to be malicious spyware and can leak their information through system and network.

Artificial Intelligence:


These is no denying fact that where Artificial intelligence is helping lot of ventures for growth by scrutinizing the vast information to humans. For hackers also, it is boon for their income. As AI help hackers to uses machine learning to imitate human behaviour and finding solutions to our so called secure systems. So, artificial intelligence with machine learning in hype is worrisome as hackers will be using such methods to attack businesses

Public wifi:

Public wifi

Having internet access is what everyone needs by 24 by 7 to manage day to day tasks. Though public wifis provides facility to connect with internet but connecting our device with public wifi is like inviting hackers to take all your credentials in your system. These includes your email ID, Credit cards, Phone numbers and other business information

Ransomware :


Ransomware is a malware that locks down computer files using strong encryption. Then, Hackers then demand money in exchange for digital keys to unlock the data. Victims will often pay, for the information locked by them otherwise they will lose it. One of biggest threat is consumer service cloud to get glitched by Ransomware. For this reason big companies such as Amazon, Google are investing more on security of their systems.



Not only above discussed threads there can be more attacks. All these issues give emphasis on more smart and intelligent data security system with developing technology. If not taken seriously it will create havoc in technology savvy world. And as customer to these service providers we also need to take precautions from our side and beware of cyber attacks.