Your story in no more private!

Emerging technologies and a plethora of algorithmic approaches to our everyday tasks have made a huge difference in our life.  This has pushed us a step forward to our comfort level. But we barely discuss the negative outcomes of this machine world.  

We also see relatable advertisements on various social media platforms for things we are actually looking for. This makes me think that someone is actually keeping a perfect check on me.  

Fictional movies are warning us for very long that how machines can take over humankind. But actually, these big changes and magic happening everywhere is not some sophisticated model. In a nutshell, I call it Data Theft or Data Breach.

What is a Data breach?

In simple words, a data breach is a security system that is not secured. Our confidential data is copied, stolen, transmitted, viewed, and further, this information is sold to various companies.  It may involve financial information, personal health information, personal identity information and other exposed unstructured data.

data breach

How is it happening?

The smart devices which we use regularly play the entire game for this. Sounds cool that how these devices can calculate our run speed. Our credit card expense and recommend us best solution for things just coming in our heads. This is a lot of data that is already in the hands of companies who are tracking our daily activities like our eating habits and sleeping habits but our whole life. They know everything about us, like when we go to work or faking for doctor’s appointments to avoid certain show-ups.




Whatever we talk about, like security, vehicles, assets, telemedicine, healthcare, business IoT has entered various fields and providing us with an exceptional comfort level by integrating everything. This is how the Internet of Things can profile and target consumers and is one of the key trends in the future development in the application of IoT for businesses. But on another side, this can be devastating as well. Either we represent our professional image or share something personal. Every device is tracking us and updating our profile from the least important to the most important task of every day.


Bottom line

Privacy is the biggest issue faced by the most renowned Data Science and Artificial intelligence today. No matter how much Facebook and google reassure us that our information is secure, but we have already sacrificed a large part of the anonymity of our lives. We all have got a good glitch about how in such sophisticated technologies, we are losing our identity and our personal information. This shows that there is a need to work more in this specific field as with high dependability on technology overlooking privacy and security is not justified.