Dealing with Anxiety: Tips

7. Clear your filter


Messages and experience from days gone by having a means of changing the filtration system through which we go through the remaining world. This is the way it works for all those – anxiousness or no panic.

Try to approach experiences and moments as though you are experiencing them for the first time. Even if you have been around in many similar situations before, none of them will be the same as this one. Notice the differences between what is and what has been. With every experience, you are changed somehow – wiser, braver, better, more able, sometimes more stressed, more concerned, more fearful. Most probably to the new prospects that can come from this new experience, because that is what it is – a fresh experience.

For example, if you experienced a painful breakup, there could be a tendency to hold back from loving wholeheartedly again. New people and new connections might feel high-risk. That is entirely understandable, and remaining away is a move that will keep you safe, but it will close down the possibilities and offer that are holding out so that you can find them. Progress happens whenever we open up ourselves up to ‘what is,’ somewhat than enabling new encounters to be colored by ‘what has been.’

Try: ‘This is a brand new experience. I’m open to discovering what will unfold for me here.’ ‘This reminds me of all the times I’ve had to meet new people. These people are different. I’m different. This experience is different.’

8. Surrender. Let go of the need for certainty, even if it’s just for a moment


The future is of course uncertain, so nervousness has a relatively easy time of causing a mix. Not everything goes to plan, and that is okay, but the more we try to control things, the more we tend to appreciate how little control we have.
This may feel uncomfortable initially, so start with surrendering to the uncertainty for a small timeframe. Experiment with making a go of having to monitor the moment, the future, the past, or the people around you. A lot more you can lean into your uncertainty and tolerate it, the less electric power it will have over you.

Try: ‘I don’t know what will happen if I have to change plans. And that’s okay.’

And finally …


Think about these strategies like drops in a bucket. The very first time you try them, you will possibly not notice much. Same with the second time, and the third time. Eventually, though, the greater you test them and the greater you utilize them, the more capacity you will need to harness the strength of your untamed and beautiful brain and make it happen more in your favor.

You will learn that you will always have what it takes and that anxiety is a feeling that comes, and then it will go, as being an inclement weather day. You’re a fighter – you’ve been struggling with anxiety and winning for a while now. You’re strong, daring and resilient and you have all you need inside you to cope with whatever might stand in your way.