Discovering the Best Job Positions in Canada’s Casino Industry

Discovering the Best Job Positions in Canada's Casino Industry
Discovering the Best Job Positions in Canada's Casino Industry

With most Canadian companies halting hires due to the looming recession, hunting for the best-paying jobs can be a nightmare. However, all hope is not lost, as the casino industry is still recruiting despite the economic challenges.

To get the best-paying positions in the Canadian casino industry, you need a know-how of how casinos work and the responsibilities of each position. Expand your search beyond brick-and-mortar casinos. After all, Canadian iGaming companies have well-paying openings you can jump on.

The Online Casino Sector Offers Even More Exciting Job Opportunities

The online casino sector is in rapid growth and expanding each day. Those who search for an online casino job may come across plenty of creative and well-paid positions. Consider exploring job opportunities as a casino affiliate manager, live croupier, customer support, and VIP manager. Thanks to the current favorable gambling climate, online casinos in Canada are getting popular, and the number is growing exponentially. You can extend your search to casino websites operating inside and outside the province. This may land you a nice paying remote job, of course if you meet the qualifying requirements.

While the online casino realm presents a myriad of lucrative job opportunities, land-based casinos offer more classic roles. Let’s dive into the list of the top paying job positions in Canada and discover the potential of the traditional casino careers.

Casino Security Supervisor

Casino security supervisor is one of the best-paying jobs, approximately $83,902 per year. This job requires you to superintend the security team at a casino establishment and ensure each individual is doing their assigned job. Other duties you may be required to perform as casino security supervisor include facilitating departmental training of security personnel and verifying security timesheets. Qualifications for a casino security supervisor include a secondary school diploma, Use of Force certification, and security experience. First Aid and CPR training may also be required.

Casino Gaming Manager

The gaming manager at a brick-and-mortar casino oversees the gaming operations at the establishment. The position is considered lucrative, and it can result in approximately $74,061 per year. According to multiple sources, casino gaming managers earn an average of $74,061 annually, sometimes more, depending on the region or company. With the Canadian gaming industry’s poised for 12% CAGR by 2030, it makes sense why the Gaming managers position is in high demand.

Your responsibility will be monitoring the casino’s gaming area, helping implement gaming policies, and ensuring the brick-and-mortar establishment complies with gaming regulations. You will also be involved in the casino’s day-to-day operations with the main aim of guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Switching gears, as an online casino game manager, you may be required to help formulate the best casino bonuses for Canadians, not to promo terms and conditions. To qualify for the position, you must have leadership experience plus excellent customer service skills. Academic-wise, you will need an associate degree in casino management or a related field.

Table Game Dealer

Applying for a table game dealer position is one of the best ways to earn good money working at a casino without worrying about extensive academic qualifications. This is because even though the best online bachelor’s degree can come in handy, experience trumps the academic requirements for the role. With an average annual starting salary of around $38,649, your responsibilities will be overseeing all gaming functions of your assigned table, greeting customers, distributing chips, distributing player cards, and tossing the dice at a roulette board.

The core qualifications for the position include a high school diploma, previous experience as a table games dealer, a professional and friendly demeanor, and great interpersonal skills. You must also have great communication skills and an in-depth knowledge of casino games such as poker, baccarat, craps, and Sic Bo. However, some employers/companies will only require you to be perfect at a specific table game and not all options. Unlike other professions, casino table game dealers must report physically for the job. It is the same case for online croupiers. The only difference is that they are positioned in studios with a table and multiple cameras recording their actions. The video is then live-streamed to players worldwide.

Casino Accountant

Casinos handle huge sums of money, so there are always slots for casino accountants at small and big companies. As per gambling statistics in Canada, an average Canadian citizen spends around $6.75 per month gaming and gambling. This sum is expected to rise steadily, given that casinos’ popularity continues to rise. Casino accountants earn good money, with most employees paying an average annual salary of around $59,240.

If you are lucky to land a casino attendant job at an established casino, you can earn up to $73,322 or even more annually. But then, you must be qualified. For instance, you must have CPA certification and be proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. You also need to be conversant with tax laws in the gambling industry. With such credentials, you can keep track of cash coming in and out of the casino, ensure the casino adheres to all financial regulations, prepare casino tax returns, help with auditing, and manage the casino budget.

Slot Technician

Slots are the most played games at both online and physical establishments. A single establishment can have slots ranging from 100 to 2500. Each slot machine requires regular maintenance to guarantee its longevity and seamless operation. And this is where a slot technician comes in. Your job will be to repair and maintain different types of electronic slots regardless of the provider.

You’ll also facilitate the installation of new slots, ensure all games comply with the provincial and federal laws, and troubleshoot electronic issues, among other duties. To qualify for this job, you must have a degree or diploma in electronics or comparable experience in the same. Experience in slot operation and in-depth knowledge of Chip Component Repair is an added plus!

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With the Canadian casino scene (both online and physical establishments) ballooning thanks to favorable legislation, this has opened up plenty of job opportunities to consider that don’t require a college degree. We have narrowed down some of the high-paying entry-level positions lenient in qualification requirements and responsibilities.