Easy Jobs That Pay Well In Canada

Easy Jobs That Pay Well In Canada
Easy Jobs That Pay Well In Canada

No University degree? No problem, you can still make pretty good money without university nor college degree do you want a proof? easy

Here is a list of 10 jobs you can get without a degree that pays over $60,000 a year. Some of them even pay over $100,000

here is the proof;

Transit Driver; 31,379 – $66,717
About: requirement for the transit driver vary. Edmonton’s ETS, which pays $35.03 per hours after training, requires high school diploma, Valid Class 5 Non-probationary and non-graduated class 5 status, and applicants must be able to pass Functional Abilities Recruitment Evaluation Test (FARE)


Air traffic controller: $39,266 – $167,096
About:  It is commonly known as one of the highest stress jobs in the world. However, if you can hack it, you can make an excellent living, you need the following requirements;  High school diploma, basic radio telephone operator’s license, an air traffic controller’s license Completion of NAV Canada Training, Transport Canada Security Clearance


Nuclear reactor operator: $50,785 – $224,488
About: Requirement; High school diploma, additional; power systems operators are required complete three to five-year of power system operators training programs


Web developers: $33,757 – $71,43
About: Developers and Designers are self-taught nowadays, even though some employers might ask for a degree but the only requirement is that you are good at what you do and good with computers and codes


Executive Chef: $40,176 – $86,004
About: High school diploma is required to get in the door at certain kitchens, as well as trade certifications, Executive chefs would work with management training and must be able to handle stress


Realtor: $29,233 – $112,552
About: You will need the followings; high school diploma, real estate’s training course, Provincial or States License, and excellent people skills and Always Be Closing a deal


Plumber: $34,504 – $83,412
About: high school diploma is usually required, 3-5 years apprenticeship programs. As well as over five years work experiences to earn trade certification


Fire Chief: $48,903 – $147,949
About: Being a fire chief is not for the faint of heart, after all, you will be expected to lead men and women into burning buildings. To land a position like this, you will need to complete high school and a provincial or municipal firefighters training course. “A minimum of ten years of experience as a firefighter is usually required before becoming eligible for a senior officer position.


Court Reporter: $30,709 – $101,559
About: You will need to attend a court reporting program, which takes approximately two years. Court reporters must be able to type at a speed of at least 225 words per minute with near 100% accuracy on a steno machine.


Bartender: $19,359 – $41,817
About: Bartenders do not necessarily declare their entire income, so it is impossible to say what they earn. Suffice to say we have all known bartenders who make six figure incomes