Most Educated States in America 2019

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For a growing number of Americans, a good education is a ticket to a better future. College opens doors to more career opportunities, higher earnings, and new social connections, among other benefits. But how much schooling one receives also matters to some extent. Generally, the higher the level of education one completes, the higher their income potential and the lower their chances of unemployment become.

In this study, WalletHub examined the key factors of a well-educated population: educational attainment, school quality and achievement gaps between genders and races. We compared all 50 states across 20 total metrics grouped into two categories. The data set ranges from the share of adults aged 25 and older with at least a high school diploma to average university quality to the gender gap in educational attainment.


Source: WalletHub

The Most Educated States

RankStateTotal Score
Educational Attainment RankQuality Education Rank
1Massachusetts 80.0611
2Maryland 73.2134
3Vermont 70.07 65
4Connecticut68.22 417
5Colorado67.97 231
7New Hampshire66.32520
10Washington 63.77916
11New Jersey 62.93 1010
12New York 56.73 1812
13Oregon55.71 1237
14Hawaii55.65 1328
15Illinois55.62 1721