Elmo Gets fired from sesame street

Elmo gets fired from sesame street
Part of the proposed budget includes reduced funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which could cause problems in PBS’s budget.

President Donald Trump has fired Elmo from Sesame Street. Elmo was a beloved character on the show, but Trump claims he was using too much of PBS’s funding. On Tuesday, Elmo, one of the most beloved characters on Sesame Street, was fired by Donald Trump. The president announced that he was cutting all federal funding to PBS, which airs the show. Elmo has been a fixture on the program since its debut in 1969.

President Trump’s proposed budget would eliminate all funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which helps support PBS and NPR. This has caused concern among many who worry that these stations will no longer be able to operate without this funding.

Supporters of PBS and NPR point out that these stations provide valuable educational programming for children and adults alike. They also argue that the cost of these stations is relatively low, especially when compared to the cost of other government programs.

Those in favour of defunding PBS and NPR say other ways to access quality programming without funding these stations. They also argue that private companies can provide these services at a lower cost than the government.


 Elmo, one of the most popular characters on Sesame Street, has been fired from the show. Elmo was fired after allegations of sexual misconduct with minors surfaced. Unfortunately, this is just the latest in a long line of scandals to hit Sesame Street.