Embracing Live Streaming as a Hobby and Beyond

live casino games in Canada
live casino games in Canada

Tech-driven jobs are all the rage as we move into an increasingly tech-centric world. However, not all tech jobs and exciting roles require you to study computer science at one of the best universities in Canada.

Instead, getting into live streaming now can get your foot in the door relatively early in a technology proving increasingly important for businesses across all industries.

Businesses are always looking for innovative and tech-savvy ways to bring something new and inventive to the table, and getting into live streaming has never been easier.

It’s why the global live-streaming market is tipped to exceed $2.5 billion by the time the next decade rolls in. Here’s how the technology is already being utilized and how to get in on the game.


Live casinos showcasing the potential of the tech

Of all of the modern applications of live streaming, you could argue that live casino games in Canada are among the most advanced forms of the technology. Bridging the gap between land-based and online casino play, the human hosts conduct the game shows or table games from a lavish studio as they normally would – spinning the wheel, dealing cards, etc. However, what makes these games unique is that players online play along in real-time.

The players decide to hit or stand on a blackjack hand, which part of the wheel to bet on, or which drop box to put most of the cash over, and then they see the results play out in real-time.

The hosts are especially well trained in being charismatic and inclusive for audiences seated on the other side of a stream and often call out big winners and questions in the chat to make for a welcoming experience. These are a strong showcase of just how far live-streaming technology can already be taken.

Most see live streams as a passive experience where, while you do get immersed in the real-time action and reactions because it’s live, you’re seldom more than a spectator. By applying some additional tech live optical character recognition software in cameras and a game control unit, casino game developers have been able to make live streaming a two-way, interactive experience.


Getting to grips with live streaming

Getting to grips with live streaming
Getting to grips with live streaming

 whole host of outlets are now imploring that businesses integrate live streaming interactions in some capacity. It could be to increase a social media presence, to host special events, to deliver quick face-to-face expertise, sell to an audience live in the emerging world of live commerce, and more.

So, knowing how to set up, run, and be personable with an audience across the internet is a good set of skills to have.

Whether you pick Twitch, YouTube, or another service that caters to live streams and video streaming, setting up your channel offers a worthwhile experience, an enjoyable hobby, but also, potentially, a side hustle. As detailed by Time, you only need 50 followers on Twitch to become an affiliate, enter into brand deals, and so on.

While YouTube is still growing its live streaming platform, it is trying to innovate and move the concept forward. For example, YouTube also offers some customizable incentives to go live on its platform. Importantly, it offers a large and different audience to that of Twitch, which may be more to your liking.

In either case, the key is to be personable, offer your opinions and insight, and offer value beyond a mere viewing experience – be it with an entertainment angle or additional tips, help, or feedback. Knowing how to present yourself and orchestrate a live stream has become a valuable skill, as is understanding the tech in play. Eventually, your knowledge in the area could prove invaluable.