Essay Writing With Professionals: FAQ

student writing an essay
student writing an essay

Many students say that they find essay writing rather challenging since there are often when they have lots of questions coming up in writing and no one to answer them. To help you manage that problem, two professional academic writers decided to share their knowledge and experience for you to get better at essay writing.

Here are Joy Mayo and Jennifer Lockman giving answers to some of the most common questions they get when helping students with their projects. These answers will help you quickly complete your next assignment.

What skills are needed to write an essay?

Joy: “There are quite a lot of skills you need to write a good essay, and the more of those skills you have, the better your paper will be. The good news is that you do not need to gain all of those skills; some of them you already got from school, others from life experience, etc.

Here are the basic ones you need to focus on first of all:

  1. Doing research. To get ideas on what to write in your essay, what evidence to present, and what claims to make, you first need to read and analyze quite a lot of sources. voice.”


How much time does writing an essay take?

Jennifer: “It depends. The amounts of time needed for creating an essay vary from person to person and from one assignment to another. Everyone has their own pace when it comes to doing research, synthesizing sources, and writing papers.

That is why there is no definite time frame for writing essays. All the same, if you need an essay now, you can ask for essay writing help on However, professors always give you a deadline of at least a few days to complete an assignment because they know that different students have different learning paces and want to accommodate everyone.

The time also depends on the type of essay you need to write. If your paper has to be based on your personal experience only, you might not need to do any research, which means it will take rather a short time to complete. However, if you do a paper that requires you to conduct extensive research, you need to have much more time saved up for it. On average, you would need around 1 hour to do 1 page of academic writing.”


How to begin writing an essay?

Joy: “Start by giving a thorough read to the assignment. It is crucial to understand the nature of the essay, its topic, and the outcome your professor expects to see if you want to get a good grade. You need to know what the topic is about to locate the most relevant sources to use in your essay.

When you are done with exploring the assignment, you can start researching your paper. It is probably the most important part of the process, as your research’s quality usually defines the quality of your essay. Lack of research means that you will end up with quite a vague paper that does little convincing. Finding relevant sources will help you generate ideas on what to mention in your essay and what claims to make.

After these steps, you can finally get to the writing itself and put your thoughts on paper. Doing substantive preparation work will make it easy for you to do the writing part.”


How to write an argumentative essay structure?

Jennifer: “An argumentative essay is not really much different from other types of essays in terms of its structure. Here are the key parts you need to remember and follow to sound convincing:

  1. Introduction. Here it would help if you introduced your topic and mention related controversies. In the last sentence of the introduction, the thesis statement, you need to make an arguable statement, something that hasn’t been proved to be right or wrong. The very essence of this paper is about you proving your point.
  2. Main body. It is the biggest part of the essay to present your arguments and use evidence from scholarly sources to support them. An important thing that sets argumentative essays from others is that you also need to write a “rebuttal.” In the rebuttal, you need to mention the opposing views on your topic, something others can use to prove you wrong and address those opposing views by presenting evidence that proves your point to be the right one.
  3. Conclusion. In this part of the essay, you need to summarize the overall content and mention the main findings of your essay, once again highlighting the fact that your arguments are right and that there is scientific evidence proving that.”


Who can write my essay for me?

  1. Joy: “It is best to write your essay by yourself. That way, you will get to experience your student life to the fullest and learn how to communicate your thoughts both in writing and orally. However, not everyone has the luxury of time to do all of their essays on time and to maintain a job, for example. In cases like that, you can hire a professional academic writer, like me, to help you out with your assignments. Academic writers are the people who have themselves been Doing solid research will help you make sure that your paper is not vague and gives substantial food for thought to those who read it.
  2. Organizing your thoughts. It would help if you learned how to communicate your thoughts comprehensively so that not only you but also your professors could understand your logic.
  3. Using an appropriate tone of voice. Academic writing is different than the writing you use in chat. You need to know the rules that give a clear definition of the academic tone through the system of higher education, have a degree, and know how to write a killer essay that will get you a good grade and help you complete all of your courses. They can also give you essay writing advice, edit and proofread your piece, or help you get started with your essay in case you are struggling with it.”