The Most Expensive Passports In The World 2018

The Most Expensive Passports In The World 2018
The Most Expensive Passports In The World 2018

Passports are the most important document to have because it gives you access to multiple countries, without a visa, and certain countries require a visa prior to visiting their countries, our research team, compared hundreds of passports fees from many countries to find the Most Expensive passports.

A Turkish passport is the most expensive to purchase, according to research site Statista. It costs the equivalent of US$251 for a Turkish passport. That equates to about 95 hours worth of work if you’re being paid the federal minimum wage. In Mexico, a passport costs $155, which is even more of a burden to low-wage earners in the country. A Mexican worker earning minimum wage would have to put in 266 hours on the jobs in order to cover the cost of a passport.

The most expensive passport in the world can be found in Turkey. It costs $251 or about 95 hours of minimum wage work, according to rankings collated by GoEuro and presented by Statista.

Compare that to the cost of an American passport: $135 or 19 hours worth of work on minimum wage.

Here are The Most Expensive Passports In The World 2018


10. Turkey $251

9.  Australia $206

8.  Switzerland $159

7.  Mexico $155

6. The United States $135

5. Italy $135

4. Canada $133

3. Japan $155

2. New Zealand $$115

1. The United Kingdom $110

Infographic: The World's Most Expensive Passports | Statista