How to Find Free Textbooks Online

Where to Find Free Textbooks
Where to Find Free Textbooks

Buying books at the campus bookstore may not be the most cost-friendly option for every student. Fortunately, there are a number of other places to get the textbooks you need for school


5 Website That Offer Free Textbooks


5. Textbook Revolution

This student-run site is one of the most popular places to find free textbooks on the Internet. Textbooks are available in PDF format and e-textbooks are available that can be viewed online.


4. Flat World Knowledge

This site provides free, peer-reviewed textbooks written by expert authors. All of the site’s materials can be viewed for free online, printed for a small price or purchased as an audio file.


3. Connexions

Connexions offers a variety of open educational content, including free textbooks. All of the free textbooks are available to read online, and some include accompanying homework guides and other helpful materials.


2. Textbook Media

Freemium Textbooks, real books written by experts and assigned by instructors, are available at this site. These textbooks include ads, but are free, digital and available to anyone – all you need to do is sign up for a free account. Textbook Media also offers ad-free versions of the no-cost textbooks for a small fee.


1. FreeTechBooks

Find links to hundreds of free textbooks and tech-related books online. Most of the books on this site can be viewed and printed free of charge.