What to Do If Being a Full-Time Student Isn’t for You

What to Do If Being a Full-Time Student Isn't for You
What to Do If Being a Full-Time Student Isn't for You

If you find yourself unable or unwilling to get your degree by taking classes full time, consider becoming a part-time student. It may take you longer to reach your educational goals, but if you approach the process correctly, you can be just as much of a success as ‘traditional’ students.

Being a full-time student can be tough. Juggling classes, work, and social life can be challenging. If you’re not happy being a full-time student, other options are available to you.


Part-Time Education is an Option!

‘Traditional’ college students attend school full-time. But we live in a different world from when this ‘tradition’ was established. These days, many students don’t have the option to go to school full time. For some, it’s just not economically feasible. And others don’t want to attend school full time even if they can.

These days, it’s totally normal only to be able to commit to a part-time school schedule. No matter your reason, be it working, raising a family or any of the many other things that can make it impossible to spend the majority of your time as a student,

it’s completely possible to earn a degree or certificate on a part-time basis. To have your experience succeed, though, you’ll need to do a bit more thinking and strategizing than a ‘traditional’ student might have to.


Make a Plan

The first thing you’ll need to do as a part-time student is making some decisions, do your research and make a plan. Do you want to earn a credential, like a degree, or take a few classes? Can you find classes that will fit your schedule? There are a lot of options for part-time students,

Including online and evening classes offered through local community colleges and universities, you’ll likely be able to make it work. First, however, you need to be aware of the challenges you’ll face, so you don’t get blindsided and thrown off track.


Take School Seriously

Next, you’ll want to prioritize. Even if you have other things to do, you still need to make school a priority. It probably can’t be your top priority, especially if you’re a parent, but it should come before less important things.

Do your homework and study for tests. Being a part-time student doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at it. Plus, since you’ve got such a busy schedule anyway, it doesn’t make much sense to spend time and money on classes and slacking

off. So get the most out of your classes, and make sure you do what you need to do to meet your goals.


Find the Right Setup

You’re likely to need some external support while you’re taking classes. Whether it’s asking a friend to watch your kids once a week while you study or finding a co-worker willing to cover for you during exam times, having a good support system will help you succeed as a part-time student.

You might have to go through a trial-and-error process at first, but if you keep your eye on the prize, you’ll find a way to succeed. Before you enroll, let your boss know that you’re thinking about taking some classes if you work.

That way, they will know in advance that you’re trying to accomplish something important and might be understanding enough to allow you some flexibility with your schedule.