How To Get Ready For Your First Year At University

How To Get Ready For Your First Year At University
How To Get Ready For Your First Year At University

August is next week. September is next month. You know what that means – University!

It is the beginning of a new era for many students who will be beginning their fresh start at University in just over a month. It’s an exciting yet nervous time for many, as it involves a new place, new people and new beginnings. So make sure you’re more than prepared with the guide below to help you on your way!

Living Away

If you’re moving into halls or private accommodation, you may feel as if this is a highly daunting time. Leaving home, leaving your family and living by yourself requires a lot of independence and courage as you’re about to be by yourself or with new people. Make sure you’re ready for this by:

  • Find your roommates on social media! Many people try to find their peers by making groups on Facebook and sharing their accommodations to see who they’re living way. If you find one another before the move-in date, why not arrange to meet up to get the awkward part out of the way?
  • Buy in advance! The last thing you want is to realize that when you move in, you have forgotten all of the necessary belongings. Look online for lists that students have created to give you an idea of what you need to bring!
  • Check out the area. Have an understanding of what’s around you and get to know where you’ll live. Transport, local restaurants, shops, pubs and supermarkets.


The Course

Picking your course can be one of the hardest things for students to do, as you need to make sure it is the perfect route for you to take for your career. It’s essential to have this complete understanding before it’s too late in September to make necessary changes before then.

  • Read the spec. Make sure that you’re happy with what you’ll be spending the next few years doing. Next, make sure that the course is right for you by looking at what modules you will be studying and if there are any opportunities for development and further progression.
  • Research. Research.Research. Go into September knowing more than everyone else. That is a good thing. If you’ve done your research and understand what you need to for the course, it will put you at an advantage.
  • Don’t be afraid to look for help. Whether this is online help, emailing tutors and lecturers, or buying textbooks, there are so many resources available in various topics to give you all the information you’ll need.