Golden Visas: Empowering Students to Pursue Their Dream Career

Golden Visas: Empowering Students to Pursue Their Dream Career
Golden Visas: Empowering Students to Pursue Their Dream Career

If you are a student and want to pursue higher education in foreign countries, you are in the right place. A golden immigration visa is a good chance for you to pursue your dream carrier.

It also comes with a residence permit which will help you even after your education if you want to work there. To obtain a golden visa, you must live in a specific country for a few years beforehand.

Eventually, a golden visa can lead you to citizenship in the country and is an easy path to getting a passport. If you want to immigrate to foreign countries for your education, Global Residence Index can help you to catch your dream career. This article will discuss all the basics and advanced information about golden visas.


What is Golden Visa?

A golden visa is an immigration program. To invite foreign investors golden visa program was initiated in 2012. Through this investment, individuals can get residence permits or citizenship in another country, for which the individual has to invest by purchasing a house, significant assets, or donations. Firstly, the golden visa has the validation of 1 year, but you can renew it after every subsequent two years.


Golden Visa for Students

Some students are brilliant and want to change their lifestyle with hard work, for which they want to pursue their education in foreign countries with excellent educational opportunities. It becomes tricky when it comes to student visas because many requirements for a temporary student visa must be fulfilled.

To make the task easier, parents could own a golden visa which will give them a chance for their children to pursue their higher school or university educations in a foreign country—a golden key has a lot of benefits, including a residential permit.


How to obtain a Golden Visa for a student?

Your parents will have to apply for a golden visa, for which they will have to purchase real estate in a foreign country. The cost of real estate varies from 200,000 USD to $2 Million. It is the most common and shortest way to obtain a golden visa offered by most golden visa countries.

Although investing in real estate is an option other than that, they can also invest in a company’s shares and stocks, government bonds, the country’s scientific or technological innovation, or can create employment opportunities. After investing, they can apply for a golden visa at the respective embassy to help their children build their dream careers.


Requirements for Golden Visa

Through the golden visa investment scheme, the individual can obtain permanent residency in the country where the individual is investing. There are specific requirements for golden visa eligibility which you must fulfill.

Firstly, the money you wish to invest should be owned by you, and you will also have to maintain that investment for the required amount of time. Secondly, the money you are investing should be legal, and you must be able to prove it.

You should not have any criminal background and should have enough financial resources to support yourself and your family members coming along with you. There would be additional specific requirements depending on which golden visa you apply for and for which country.


Golden visa offered by Global Residence Index for respective countries

Not all countries provide golden tickets with a wide range of investments. Still, some do, such as the USA, Portugal, Spain, etc. This section will discuss all four countries’ golden visa programs. Let’s go through it.


Everyone knows this country because it is a dream country where people want to live. The quality of life the government offers is fabulous. It is one of the top immigrant countries globally, where many invest to get citizenship. It is an immigrant-friendly country that provides a wide range of investments through which you can immigrate to the USA.


USA citizenship investment for Education

The USA provides golden visas in the version of the EB-5 visa program. An EB-5 visa program is a popular investor visa program globally, where you can make numerous investments to obtain citizenship, no matter the purpose.

By participating in the citizenship program, you can invest in government-approved projects with a minimum capital of 500,000 USD. Investing in and obtaining a green card will make you and your family eligible to live, work or study in any school or university to get an international education for your dream career.

Suppose your children are brilliant and want to pursue their higher education in the USA world’s top universities. In that case, this investment is a perfect fit for you. The USA is a dream country for any university student because all are familiar with the USA’s top universities, such as Harward, Stanford, Yale, and more.



Portugal is known for its destinations, including warm and sunny climates. It is known as the world’s most globalized and peaceful nation. It also has a rich cultural history and a diverse landscape showing countryside and sea views. There is an excellent road network and flight connectivity, which helps with easy worldwide movement with international flights.


Portugal’s citizenship investment for Education

The Portugal golden visa investment program provides five years of residence for non-EU nationals. This permit provides benefits, including living, working, and studying. This permit also allows you free circulation in Europe’s Schengen area.

This program requires a stay in Portugal for seven days during the first year and 14 days for the two subsequent years, which may be countable in citizenship eligibility after five years. It provides your children security and quality of life with excellent international schools and universities.



Spain is in southwestern Europe and is regarded as one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. It’s known for its rich history, unique culture, and traditions. This country is admired for its landscape and the quality of life it provides.

It has full EU and Eurozone membership and is one of Europe’s most important economies. This country attracts many visitors with its fantastic nature, beautiful beaches, and diverse culture.


Spain’s citizenship investment for Education

The Spain golden visa investment program provides five years of residence with high security. Investing in Spain’s golden visa program can obtain citizenship within less than a month. According to general immigration rules and requirements for acquiring permanent residential status, you must stay continuously for five years in Spain.

By availing of this visa, you and your family will be eligible to live, work or study in the country. Excellent schools and universities for your children also provide tuition in different languages, which will help them to enhance their education and dream careers.



A golden visa is an excellent opportunity for you and your children, which will help them pursue their dream careers. All the countries mentioned above are good options for immigration and education.

All those countries provide excellent education with international schools and universities. So, take advantage of this opportunity and have a successful career ahead!