Happy Canada Day 2021: Reasons To Be Proud Canadian

Happy Canada Day 2021: Reasons To Be Proud Canadian
Happy Canada Day 2021: Reasons To Be Proud Canadian

Canada Day 2021 will commemorate the 154 rd anniversary of the Great White North, marking the day when three different British colonies, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada (Ontario and Quebec), united under one banner. Thus, Confederation was the name given to the beginning of what would become the world’s second-largest country by land and the place where we are all fortunate to live.

Over the course of the year, Canada has established itself as a cultural leader, a technology innovation, and a country where immigrants from all over the world may settle in and find prosperity and community. We define winter sports, civility, and tree-derived sweet syrup. However, there is plenty to be proud of as a Canadian that we sometimes overlook in favour of clichés.

On July 1st, we have a wonderful opportunity to reflect on areas of Canada about which we may be very proud.

Here are reasons to be proud to be a Canadian


1.Canadians Live longer

We live a long time: Canadians born today will live an average of two years longer than the global average (close to 82 years in Canada versus 80). Meanwhile, 89% of Canadians reported being in good health, 20% above the average worldwide.


2.Good Quality of life

Our quality of life is tops: According to the U.S. News & World Report, our political and economic stability, solid job market, and world-class public education system mean our citizens should have the highest sense of well-being in the world. (Sadly, Switzerland bested us for the title of best country overall).


3. Saying “Sorry.”

Saying “Sorry” is good for you: Canadians are mocked for always apologizing, but it’s not a character flaw. On the contrary, saying sorry has been found to boost happiness and strengthen relationships. Researchers at the University of Waterloo even found apologizing to a cop when pulled over for speeding can get fines reduced an average of $51. True, scientists recently claim that refusing to apologize for your actions leads to a sense of empowerment, but such short-sighted thinking would only appeal to self-centred Americans.


4.We truly are nice

At least on Twitter. Researchers from McMaster University looked at how Canadians and Americans engaged on Twitter and found that Canadians use much nicer language. For example, while Canadians commonly used words like “favourite,” “gorgeous,” “great,” and “amazing,” Americans favoured more negative words like “damn,” “hate,” “bored,” and “annoying.”


5.Kids Score high on Education

Our kids are all right: Canada’s schools take heat from all sides, but they must be doing something right. Our 15-year-olds routinely score in the top 10 of 65 countries participating in the OECD’s reading, math and science tests. Last time around, in 2015, we were fourth, behind Singapore, Japan and Estonia.


6.Lower rate of suicide

Compared to our U.S. neighbours, we have a lower rate of suicide (11.1 per 100,000 people, versus 12 in the U.S.)


7.Lower rate of infant

a lower rate of infant mortality (5.1 per 1,000 live births, versus 6.1 in the U.S.)


8.Health care

our health care costs per person are much lower (US$4,569 per capita in Canada, versus $9,086 in the U.S.


9.Parental leave

We also offer better parental leave (new mothers and fathers can take up to 18 months of leave versus just three unpaid months in the U.S.).


10.Most gay-friendly country

According to a Pew Research study, we’re inclusive: Canada is the third most gay-friendly country, after Germany and Spain. In Canada, 80 percent of people said society should accept gays and lesbians. In the U.S., just 60 percent said the same.