The Hidden Free Things On Campus

The Hidden Free Things On Campus
The Hidden Free Things On Campus

As a student university we all love Freebies on campus, anything that is free is very good for us, our team looked at what is free on campus that you can enjoy, here are our suggestions and recommendations.


Free Stuff on Campus

There are lots of important things to know on a college campus, and the ins and outs of each institution vary. But one thing is fairly constant, and incoming freshmen should know: there is a lot of free stuff to be had on pretty much any college campus.

Worrying about money is a classic extracurricular activity for college and university students. One way of coping with this is to take advantage of the many free or ridiculously cheap resources and opportunities available on campus. Of course, some smart alec might point out that it’s not really free since you’re already paying to go to school. But still, the idea of not having to pay for something you might want or need will be good enough to count as ‘free’ for most people.


Gym Membership

Even small colleges usually have a gym, and these facilities are typically totally free for students. Some schools might have some restrictions on time, or might not have the world’s fanciest equipment – but you get what you pay for. At larger schools, students might have to pay a small extra fee to use the gym, but it’s nothing compared to the cost of a monthly membership at a big gym chain.


Doctor’s Visits

A campus clinic or health services office is a standard fixture on most college campuses. Dorms and other communal spaces tend to be easy breeding grounds for colds, flu and other illnesses that spread quickly. Your school might offer completely free healthcare. Some schools even offer a free flu shot to every student each fall.


Movies and Concerts

Lecture halls and auditoriums on campus are theoretically designed to be used for academic purposes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be venues for a fun evening. Lots of colleges host free concerts and other events, often with famous and popular bands, comedians, authors, and actors. Additionally, many schools have movie nights that are totally free for students. The movie on the show might not always be your first pick, but it’s free, and you don’t have to worry about getting busted for illegal downloading.


Outdoor Excursions

Another common free recreation outlet for students is school-sponsored outdoor trips. Depending on where you go to school, this can include anything from camping to skiing, rock climbing to sea kayaking. You’ll probably be required to sign a liability waiver, but the chances of you having to pay are typically pretty slim. Even your equipment is usually provided, and if it’s not, there might be an on-campus outdoor collective that rents equipment for a nominal or nonexistent fee.



‘Free food’ is one of the most enduring favorite word pairings for college students. Faculty and staff are well aware of this fact, and will usually provide some free food to entice students to come to meetings and events that otherwise might not seem so exciting. While these events are a good opportunity to get a free dinner, coffee, dessert or sandwich, it’s a good idea to remember that the food is supposed to be secondary to the event. Try to be polite about it.



Pretty much every college gives away free t-shirts for one reason or another. Be it student organizations like clubs and fraternities or sororities, school events like orientation or other campus groups sports teams and academic departments, you’re probably going to get a few free shirts during your time in college. But another way to get free clothes is to check free piles that accumulate at the end of each semester. Often, these piles are in communal areas like student unions or laundry rooms. You might walk away with a perfectly good outfit, at no cost to you!