Highest GDP Per Capita In Canada 2019


Canada is one of the world’s wealthiest countries, with a $1.653 trillion GDP. However, some provinces in Canada pay the highest salaries because of the jobs’ industries and location. We took a look at GDP per province to determine which Canadian provinces have the highest GDP per capita based on data from Statistics Canada and Payscale,

The province of Alberta has the highest GDP per capita in Canada for 2019, with $80,847. This is due to the province’s vital energy sector and healthy economy. Next on the list is Ontario, with a GDP per capita of $77,521. British Columbia followed them at $73,023. Finally, Nova Scotia has the lowest GDP per capita in Canada at $42,024.

Canadian provinces With the Highest GDP Per Capita

ProvinceGDP Per CapitaPopulation
Northwest Territories$108,065 44,541
Yukon $73,05438,936
Ontario $58,68714,374,084
British Columbia $57,3334,862,610

Canada is a large and prosperous country, with ten provinces and three territories. The provinces are responsible for various functions, including healthcare, education, and infrastructure. However, one of the most critical measures of a province’s success is its GDP per capita. This figure measures the amount of money generated per person in an area.