Highest Paying Internships in Edmonton

Highest Paying Internships in Edmonton
Highest Paying Internships in Edmonton

As Alberta’s capital city, Edmonton is a thriving metropolis with a diverse economy and a growing demand for skilled professionals. With its expanding industries and rich cultural scene, Edmonton has become an attractive destination for students and young professionals seeking valuable work experience through internships.

We will delve into the highest-paying internships in Edmonton, focusing on the industries that offer the most competitive salaries and the top companies to watch.

By exploring these opportunities, you can find an internship that not only helps you gain practical skills and knowledge but also provides you with fair compensation for your hard work.


Highest Paying Internship in Edmonton

According to a recent report on Indeed, the average salary for an intern in Canada is $20.78 per hour. Among the highest paying cities for interns near Canada, Edmonton, AB, pays their interns an average of $20.68 per hour.

Notably, the average intern in 2023 made $24.63 per hour, an 11% increase from the average pay of $22.17 in 2023. This means that Edmonton internships may offer higher pay rates in the future.


Industries with High-Paying Internships

While specific high-paying internships in Edmonton are not mentioned in the search results, it is worth looking at the industries with the highest-paying internships. According to Glassdoor, tech is the most represented industry, accounting for 17 out of 25 (68 percent) companies offering highly paid internships. Moreover, there are big-money finance, product management, and marketing opportunities.


Top Paying Companies for Internships

To give you an idea of which companies offer the highest-paying internships, here are some examples from Glassdoor’s list of highest-paying internships of 2023

  1. Roblox – median monthly pay for interns is nearly $10,000
  2. Uber – median monthly salary of $8,333
  3. Capital One – median monthly wage of $8,333
  4. Salesforce – $8,167
  5. Amazon – $8,000
  6. Meta – $8,000 


While these companies may not have specific internship positions available in Edmonton, keeping an eye on their career pages for opportunities is useful.

Tech Industry Internships in Edmonton

Edmonton’s tech sector has seen significant growth in recent years, and with that growth comes a range of well-paid internship opportunities. Technology companies tend to offer competitive salaries to attract top talent, and this trend extends to their internships. While specific high-paying tech internships in Edmonton are not mentioned in the search results, it is worth exploring local tech companies and startups for potential opportunities.


Engineering and Energy Sector Internships

Edmonton is a hub for engineering and energy sector companies, many offering internships to help train and develop the next generation of industry professionals. These internships can provide valuable hands-on experience and often come with competitive salaries. Keep an eye on major energy companies and engineering firms for high-paying internships in Edmonton.


Finance and Business Internships

Edmonton’s financial and business sectors also offer various internship opportunities, with many companies providing competitive compensation packages to attract top candidates. Interns in these industries can gain valuable experience in finance, accounting, marketing, and business development. Look out for central banks, financial institutions, and consulting firms for high-paying internships in the finance and business sectors.


Research and Academic Internships

Edmonton is home to several universities and research institutions, which frequently offer well-paid internships to students and recent graduates. These internships can provide invaluable research experience, networking opportunities, and competitive salaries. Keep an eye on university job boards and research institutions for high-paying internships in research and academia.


Tips for Finding the Highest Paying Internships in Edmonton

  1. Network: Attend career fairs, industry events, and networking gatherings to connect with professionals in your field of interest. Building relationships with professionals can lead to valuable referrals and job leads.
  2. Online job boards: Regularly check job boards, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn, to stay updated on the latest high-paying internship opportunities in Edmonton.
  3. Company websites: Visit the career pages of major companies in your industry to find information about internships and other job opportunities.
  4. University career centers: If you are a student, use your university’s career center resources, which can help you find internship opportunities, prepare your resume, and practice your interview skills.