The Highest Paying Jobs In Demand 2017

The Highest Paying Jobs In Demand 2017
The Highest Paying Jobs In Demand 2017

After graduation we all want the highest paying Jobs in our industry or whatever you went  to school for,  Here are the Highest Paying Jobs In Demand 2017,  And be sure to check out the original top 20 version from Slice


10. Engineers

Structural Engineer Average Salary: $65,392

It is estimated that about a fifth of Canada’s engineers is 55 or older. With so many people nearing retirement in a field that already experiences labor shortages, young engineers, from construction to mining, will find plenty of opportunities not only to land a good job but also to advance through the ranks quickly.


9. Education Jobs

Education Jobs

High School Teacher Average Salary: $51,583

The education sector still offers many opportunities. These include jobs for skilled teachers, counselors and education services managers.


8. Marketing Analysts

Marketing Analysts

Average Salary: $51,000

With market trends changing all the time, businesses need to stay up to date and ahead of the pack. Marketing analysts who can make sense of market-related data and come up with good business strategies continue to be in demand, especially in business centers like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.


7. Information Security Analysts

Information Security Analysts

Average Salary: $66,000 

There are thousands of tech jobs available in Canada but they fill up quite quickly because there is so much talent out there. One of the most in-demand tech jobs is that of information security analyst because businesses want to protect their data and find creative solutions to prevent security breaches.


6. HR Recruiters

HR Recruiters

Average Salary: $44,000 

HR as an industry is still going strong as younger people enter the workforce. Recruiters are in demand because several industries experience labor shortages and need someone who can help them find talented workers.


5. Mental Health and Social Services Professionals

Mental Health and Social Services Professionals

Average Salary: $45,403

Mental health and social services professionals are needed to look after the mental and social well-being of all who live in Canada. These fields are growing as societal pressures increase. Most jobs are found in the public sector.


4. Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses

Average Salary: $66,000 

Registered nurses are among those most in demand in the healthcare field. As with most healthcare jobs, the public sector is the largest employer of registered nurses.


3. Physicians and Dentists

Physicians and Dentists

Physician Average Salary: $116,000
Dentist Average Salary: $104,000 

Health care is still a hot industry and as Canada’s population ages, opportunities for doctors and dentists are increasing. Most of these jobs are found in the public sector.


2. Miners, Oil and Gas Drillers

 Miners, Oil and Gas Drillers

Average Salary: $67,000 – $69,000 

There is still a big demand for skilled miners, oil and gas drillers and similar occupations. While these jobs are found in most provinces, they’re mainly concentrated in Alberta as well as Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia


1. Primary Production Managers

1. Primary Production Managers

Average Salary: $69,830 

According to the Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS), production management jobs have the highest projected growth rate for 2011-2020, at 3.02%. With about 70% of Canada’s manufacturing output coming from Ontario and Quebec, these are the two best provinces in which to start your job search.