How Your Hobby Could Become Your Career

How Your Hobby Could Become Your Career
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When it comes time to select a career, people are frequently told to think about what activities they enjoy the most and use that as inspiration. Education Insider takes a look at some hobbies and interests that, surprisingly, could translate into jobs.

Beer Taste Tester

Do you like to not only drink but also critically think about what each beer tastes like? Believe it or not, you could put those skills to use as a professional beer taste tester for a brewery. Hey, someone has to make sure the stuff tastes good for the general public! You might also be able to taste and review beers for media publications.


Shoe Model

If you love shoes and are one of those people who likes to see how good the latest styles look on their feet, then you could pursue a career as a shoe model. Imagine the joy you might get from getting to wear new styles and doing things like having your feet photographed for ads. It could be a fun way to feed your shoe obsession while also earning some money.


Paranormal Investigator

Are you addicted to the many television shows about the paranormal and want to find out some of the possible ghostly causes of things that go bump in the night? You might actually be able to get paid to put this natural curiosity to use through paranormal investigations. As an investigator (sometimes called ghost hunters), you might be able to go to locations to use scientific equipment to see if they’re haunted. Other possible ways of earning income could be by taking individuals or groups on tours of allegedly haunted places or writing about the topic.


Sand Sculptor

If one of your favorite ways to spend time at the beach is building sandcastles, pursuing work as a sand sculptor could be for you, particularly if you’re artistically inclined. Professional sand sculptors build elaborate pieces of art. There are even competitions, such as the U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition, where these professionals go head-to-head to see who can create the best piece out of the sand.


VideoGamer Tester

Playing video games can be a fun way to pass the time, but it can be about more than that. Some companies will actually pay you to try out their games or even equipment and give them feedback about it. How many times have you played a game and wondered why they made certain things the way they did? And how many times did you think they could have done better? Well, this could be your chance to get paid for expressing your opinions about something you enjoy and maybe even contribute to making a better product.


Snooze Director

Are you awesome at sleeping and even better at telling others about it? Then mattress company Sleepy’s might have the job for you! Through its Snooze Director position, an employee will be given the task of testing out mattresses and showing customers various sleeping positions. You’ll also share your sleeping and mattress knowledge with others through social media tools.