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How is the Water
How is the Water | Cyan Planet

The ultimate ocean experience with the goal to bring the ocean to everyone and digitally preserve marine life for future generations.

The ultimate ocean experience launched on Kickstarter!

Becoming somebody else and exploring places you’d never see in your life is possible now! In How is the Water from Cyan Planet, you become a dolphin or a shark and explore the ocean as a local, no matter where you are – even from the comfort of your home! The project just launched on Kickstarter on May 18th and pioneers in using immersive media as a tool for marine conservation.


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How is the Water
How is the Water | Cyan Planet

“How is the Water is all about making the ocean and its magic accessible for everybody,” explains director and producer Michal Lovecky. “I was fortunate enough to live through several transcendental experiences while diving, but most people never get that chance. I want to change that.”

How is the Water is a virtual reality game, also accessible on mobile phones and tablets, combining entertainment with real-world impact.

“For every copy sold, we bring How is the Water to one youth without access to the sea, to help spark passion for marine life in the next generation,” promises Ninja Mueller, marine biologist and co-director of How is the Water. Educating, evoking empathy, and supporting ocean protection are the priorities of this project. In-game actions like coral-gardening come to life thanks to a partnership with Reef Life Foundation, deploying reef structures for coral restoration all around the world.

Virtual and real-world impacting each other works both ways in How is the Water. The animals you encounter in the virtual ocean are not just computer-generated, but digital twins of real marine animals. “We collaborate with Digital Life 3D to preserve marine life for educational and scientific purposes, and ultimately to preserve life on Earth”, Lovecky says.

“Our concept of How is the Water was invited to la Biennale di Venezia and our prototype showcased at the Festival de Cannes. After these successes, we can’t wait to push this project to the production phase, to draw even more attention to ocean protection with our finished project!” adds Mueller.

The Kickstarter Campaign is another way to engage their community and to increase the impact and reach of their partner organizations like Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). Pledges supporting the campaign are rewarded with in-game and real-world features, true to Cyan Planet’s claim to combine both for an innovative and holistic approach to ocean protection. Learn more about the project on Kickstarter!

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