How Recruiters In India Use False Promises To Lure Students To Canada

How Recruiters In India Use False Promises To Lure Students To Canada
How Recruiters In India Use False Promises To Lure Students To Canada

Recently, there has been a growing trend of Indian students being lured to Canada with false promises by recruiters. These recruiters often guarantee high-paying jobs and permanent residency in Canada, neither of which is always true.

As a result, many students spend large sums of money on recruitment fees and airfare, only to find themselves unemployed or underemployed in Canada. In addition, numerous fraud cases have been reported by Indian students who were promised jobs in Canada that never materialized.

Sometimes, the recruiters even disappeared after receiving the student’s money. This problem is compounded by many students coming from low-income families and having to take out loans to pay for their education. As such, they are left in a challenging situation when they arrive in Canada and cannot find work.


What students are promised

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Every year, thousands of Indian students are lured to study in Canada by false promises made by recruitment agents. These agents often guarantee high-paying jobs, permanent residency, and a better life for the students and their families.

However, many of these students end up in low-paying jobs, struggling to make ends meet. Some are even forced to leave the country when their student visas expire. It’s time for the Canadian government to take action and regulate these recruitment agents so they can no longer take advantage of vulnerable students.


Why do students believe in the promises?

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In recent years, Canada has become a top destination for students from India. According to data from the Canadian High Commission in India, the number of Indian students studying in Canada has increased by 50% since 2016.

One of the main reasons why students from India choose to study in Canada is recruiters’ promises. Recruiters often tell students that they will be able to find good jobs and earn high salaries after graduation.

However, many students are disappointed when they realize these promises are not always true. Many Indian students who come to study in Canada end up working in low-paying jobs such as convenience store clerks or taxi drivers. So why do students believe in these false promises? One reason is that recruiters are very convincing.


The reality of life in Canada

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In recent years, India has become a top source of international students for Canadian colleges and universities. But a new report suggests that many recruiters in India are using false promises to lure students to Canada.

The report, titled “The Reality of Life in Canada,” was released last week by the Federation of Indian Students in Canada (FISCA). It paints a picture of widespread deception among recruiters, who often tell students that they will be able to find well-paying jobs and obtain permanent residency in Canada after graduation.

The report says that life in Canada often differs from what these recruiters describe. For example, many international students struggle to find work, and even when they do find jobs, they are usually paid much less than expected. And while it is possible to obtain permanent residency after graduation, the process is often long and challenging.


The impact of false promises

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In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of Indian students being lured to Canada with false promises by recruiters. This significantly impacts the lives of these students, who often end up in difficult situations.

Many of these students come from low-income families and are promised well-paying jobs and a good standard of living if they study in Canada. However, they often find that the reality is very different when they arrive. They face poor working conditions, long hours, and low pay.

This can lead to them feeling isolated and alone in a country that is supposed to be their new home. The impact of these false promises can be devastating for these students. As a result, many return to India, where they often feel like failures.


What can the Government of Canada do to prevent false promises?

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The Government of Canada has taken steps to prevent recruiters in India from making false promises to students. In 2016, the government introduced new rules prohibiting recruiters from misrepresenting Canada’s education system, job prospects, or wages. These rules also require recruiters to provide accurate information about the costs of living and studying in Canada.

The government has also created an online complaint system for students who recruiters have misled. Students can use this system to report misleading information and false promises. The government will then investigate the complaint and take appropriate action.

These measures have helped to reduce the number of false promises made by recruiters, but there is always more that can be done. The government should continue to monitor the situation and take action when necessary.


Canada’s international students’ tuition Criss

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Canada’s decision to charge international students five times the tuition Canadian students pay for the same education has created a humanitarian crisis. This is because many international students come from countries that need financial assistance, and this new policy will only exacerbate their situations.

In addition, this policy could deter international students from coming to study in Canada, which would be detrimental to the country’s economy and reputation. Therefore, the Canadian government needs to rethink this policy before it damages irreparable.


What are the red flags international students should watch out for?

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Thousands of international students flock to Canada yearly, hoping to get a quality education. However, many of these students are scammed by unscrupulous recruiters who use false promises to lure them in.

Here are some red flags that international students should watch out for:

  1. Promises of guaranteed employment: Many recruiters will promise students that they will be able to find a job in Canada after graduation. However, this is often not the case, and many students end up unemployed or underemployed.
  2. Guaranteed scholarships: Some recruiters will ensure scholarships or other forms of financial aid, but these are often unavailable. Students should always research scholarship opportunities on their own to avoid being scammed.


In conclusion, recruiters in India use false promises to lure students to Canada. They often promise high-paying jobs and a better life, but the reality is usually very different.

Many students end up working low-paying jobs and struggling to make ends meet. Therefore, potential students need to do their research and be aware of the risks before deciding to study abroad.