How to Apply for Free Scholarship 2022

How to Apply for Free Scholarship 2022
How to Apply for Free Scholarship 2022

For everyone looking for an answer to how to apply for a free scholarship in 2022. This article will explain the steps to apply for a free scholarship to everyone who wants and is looking for a scholarship in a simplified and clarified way. So, after finishing reading this article, you will be 100% familiar with the scholarship requirements.


How to Apply for Free Scholarship 2022


How Do I Get a Free Scholarship?

If you are wondering how to apply for a free scholarship, here are some successful steps to get your affairs in order and get started:

  1. First, find a scholarship by major.

It means searching according to the major you want as a student looking for an opportunity to study abroad. For example, some people want to study medicine, some students want to study engineering, others study economics, etc. So, make sure that the scholarship you are applying for provides you with the future you want.

2. Ensure that the scholarship meets your current nationality.

Some scholarships are offered to all students of all nationalities or international students in general, and sometimes for specific nationalities. For example, if the scholarship is from Britain, and you are an Iraqi, Syrian, Canadian student or other nationalities, in this case, you will be considered an international student. Therefore, you should ensure that you meet the nationality requirement to apply for the free scholarship.


1. Prepare the required documents.

Bureaucracy always beats everything! So, you will always be required to prove; your personality, nationality, and previous studies, and all this will be done by submitting some papers. Therefore, you should prepare all items of the following list before applying for the scholarship:

  • A copy of the passport/ID
  • A copy of your CV in English, or the university’s official language, clearly and certified.
  • A Cover letter in English or the university’s official language.
  • A recommendation letter, whether from a school teacher, assistant teacher or a professor.
  • Previous certificates (high school, bachelor’s, master’s, etc.) according to what you have or what is required to apply for the scholarship.
  • A copy of your registered tax record with your country, or you can use the help of your parents if you are a minor.
  • If you don’t have a tax record, mention that you need the money in an informal side letter.


2. Fill out the scholarship application form.

How to apply for a free scholarship? How will I present now that I have read all of the above information? First, it’s crucial to distinguish that some university scholarships allow you to apply online in this step. Still, some universities’ scholarships require sending the application via post mail (DHL, for example).

Suppose you find that the scholarship requires applying the old communicating way. In that case, you need to ensure you have the correct information to send the post mail to the university’s scholarship you apply for.
Filling out the application is not always standardized. The applications differ from each other according to each university, but in general, in all applications, you must enter the following data in them:

  • Your personal information
  • Your previous study information
  • Uploading the documents that you have previously prepared


3. Submit a grant application.

After you submit your scholarship application, you have to wait until you get an answer from the university of acceptance or rejection. Now, it is a matter of time, usually not exceeding three months most of the time.

Important notes

  • All Official documents have to be in English and certified unless otherwise mentioned.
  • All unofficial documents such as CV, motivation and application have to be written in English unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Some scholarships require master’s students to submit their university graduation thesis abstract.
  • Some scholarships require Ph.D. students to submit a research project abstract.
  • Some universities require other exams results, such as passing the English language test, TOEFL or IELTS, or the SAP test result.
  • It will be a plus for scholarships; if you have volunteer activities or participate in fields related to your chosen major.