How to Approach a Writing Assignment

student writing an essay
student writing an essay

University life can be very stressful, especially for first-year students. Moreover, writing assignments can be a real challenge. You should always be ready! However, you can make learning easier.

Many students use Study Help, a resource that is designed for students. Here you can find useful tips on how to write an essay quickly and successfully. All you need to do is take a few steps to help you write an essay.


Read All Instructions Carefully

The main secret of an outstanding writing assignment is following all the instructions of the professor. Students often forget about education, which results in bad marks. What is more, lecturers often provide a grading rubric with instructions that contains all the key issues to consider.

Hence, look through all guidelines carefully before starting to write an essay. Remember that the topic of the article is not the only thing you need. After analyzing all the demands, highlight the key points, and start working on the task.


Start with Investigation

The next step is to investigate your topic. Think about what you already know about it and continue searching. This approach will also help your reference entries, as far as a good writing assignment requires a list of credible sources. While reading the required materials, write down all the ideas, which come up to your mind. All these notes will be useful while writing an essay, as far as you will already have the overall picture.


Make up an Outline

Undoubtedly, a good outline is a key to success as it is a specific plan for your future assignment. What is more, outlining the central ideas can help to keep the essay well-organized.

You won’t forget to add all your thoughts and all the interesting information you have found if you have an assignment outline. Make up a list of key ideas first, and then add more and more details to it. At the end of this procedure, you will have a particular map to follow while writing.


Adhere to Structure

One more critical factor is to remember the proper structure of the essay. Do not forget that a written assignment consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. What is more, each of the body paragraphs should contain a topic and concluding sentence.

The next thing to consider is that one paragraph should discuss one idea. Thus, do not try to put all the body thoughts — separate all ideas into several sections. The structure of the essay is what makes the text understandable for the reader; remember that.


Pay Attention to Vocabulary

It is also important to consider the vocabulary you use while writing an essay. The matter is that informal language, colloquialism, and awkward word choice may affect your grade.

Note that academic writing requires formal language. Besides, it would help if you did not write the way you speak in your everyday life. Contractions, phrasal verbs, and idioms are also not appropriate for academic writing. Therefore, be careful with words and phrases, as far as stylistics is essential to get a high grade.


Do not Start your Essay with a Thesis.

One more secret of a good essay is a strong thesis. Some students believe that writing a thesis before finishing the whole assignment is a formula for success. Nevertheless, we recommend writing a view at the end of the work.

Because everything can be changed while writing, the written assignment may look a little bit different than it is in your outline. A thesis is a roadmap of your essay, consisting of the key ideas discussed in the body. Hence, do not start to write with a view — leave it up to the moment you finished the essay.


Search for Credible Sources

As is mentioned above, credible sources are crucial for a good essay and research. Choose only up-to-date and valid resources to complete your writing assignment. Remember that an appropriate source should have an author and a date of publication.

It would be preferable if the sources are published within the last 5 years. Considering all these factors can help you to find the most relevant sources of information. Finally, it is better to choose books and peer-reviewed journals and other credible documents.


Format your Assignment

Formatting is an inevitable part of the writing assignment. At first, it may be hard to consider all the requirements and deal with all the formats. That’s why you should be very careful with instructions, as far as professors often mention the required form of the paper.

If you have some formatting problems, you can consult several websites, such as Purdue OWL, to format your paper correctly. The last thing to remember is paragraph and line spacing, including indentation, margins, font, and alignment.



When it comes to citing, it is better to paraphrase the information from outside sources since overusing direct quotes can result in plagiarism. Furthermore, paraphrasing can help to make the text more coherent and comprehensible for the reader.

If you are searching for professional help in academic writing, you can visit an Essay Writer Service. The experts from there will help you deal with the assignment of any complexity. Overall, citation and paraphrasing are useful for the effective implementation of information from outside sources.


Do not Forget About Coherence.

Finally, remember about coherence, which is a critical factor for a good essay. There should be transitions between the paragraphs and sentences to make the text flow smoothly. For instance, linking devices and phrases are useful to make the body paragraph more coherent and readable. Nevertheless, do not overuse transitions, as far as it can result in unnecessary wordiness.

To conclude, writing assignments are not so complicated as you presuppose. It is essential to follow several simple steps to write a good essay. Follow all the instructions, format your paper correctly, conduct research, make up an outline, adhere to a particular structure, remember vocabulary and coherence, and use only credible sources. We hope that all these tips will help you cope with any task that you approach.