How to Avoid Frequent Breakdowns of Dishwashers: Professional Advice

How to Avoid Frequent Breakdowns of Dishwashers
How to Avoid Frequent Breakdowns of Dishwashers

The dishwasher has become an indispensable attribute of a modern kitchen, which
facilitates the entire dishwashing process and even drying. We just need to load it with
dirty dishes, add detergent or a special capsule, and select the washing cycle. But the
trouble is that a dishwasher requires proper care. What do you need to do? Let’s find

Basic Principles and Features of Work

As we have already noticed, the dishwasher performs the entire dishwashing cycle
automatically. Thus, we get absolutely clean and dry dishes. However, you should be
aware of possible malfunctions and contact the appliance repair Toronto near me if
needed. So how does this device work? In fact, the basic principles of a dishwasher
are quite simple:

  • It collects the right amount of water and heats it up;
  • Then the detergent is drawn in, and the soapy foam is sprayed under high
    pressure onto the dishes, thus removing all impurities from it; ​
  • Then the dirty water is drained, the washing process can be repeated;
  • The dishes are rinsed with cold water;
  • At the final stage, the dishwasher dries the dishes in one of two ways —
    blowing hot air or simply water evaporating entering the drain (this method is
    called condensation).

One washing program, depending on the model, can last from 30 minutes to two
hours. The most commonly used programs are a quick wash, glass, automatic
program, intensive, and 3 in 1.


Why Do Dishwashers Often Break?

Whatever model of dishwasher you have, it requires preventive maintenance, both
daily, weekly and monthly. If we ignore these activities, then we run the risk of having
a breakdown or malfunction, due to which the dishwasher will not be able to perform
its basic functions. Let’s take a look at the basic preventive actions that need to be

  • It is best to leave the dishwasher door open after each wash. This will allow
    moisture to evaporate faster and there will be no risk of mould;
  • You can wipe the door seal with a dry sponge;
  • Wipe the outer part of the machine body with a damp cloth, so it will always
    remain clean. ​
  • The dishwasher filters should be inspected weekly. If the drain filter becomes
    clogged with food debris, the dishwasher will stop working very soon;
  • If you actively use the dishwasher, then it is also necessary to clean the
    sprinklers inside the chamber weekly so that the nozzles can create a powerful
    water jet;
  • Don’t forget about the detergent drawer, which requires regular cleaning.

If you regularly carry out these simple activities, then the dishwasher will work for a
long time without malfunctions. Alternatively, if you have never faced dishwasher
failure, then it is better to call specialists and ask for help.