How To Build a Career in Cyber Security

How to Build a Career in Cyber Security
How to Build a Career in Cyber Security | Image Credit: U miami

Cybersecurity is a fascinating field and one that is only set to grow. Since the invention of the internet, cyber security has had to exist in one form or another, but with our increasing dependency on the online world, cyber security is more important now than it ever has been. If you’re keen to forge a career in this sector then there are plenty of steps that you can take to give yourself the best chance possible of standing out from the crowd and securing your first job.

We’ve collated all of that information, including the sectors you could work in, the educational steps that you might like to take, as well as ways to go above and beyond in search of getting your first foot on the ladder. So, if you’re serious about cyber security, you’ve come to the right place.


What is Cyber Security?

Before we begin, it’s important to properly understand what cyber security is. Cyber security is how users of the internet are kept safe. It encompasses individuals, small companies, and massive organizations, those using their phones, their work laptops, the library’s tablets, and everything in between.

Everybody who uses the Internet on any device benefits from cyber security. It keeps us safe from the theft of information or funds when using websites such as safe casino sites.

When you think about the enormous amount of information that is stored about us all online, it becomes clear why cyber security is so important. Without it, our personal details, our banking information, our private messages, our passwords, and anything else we’ve ever entered into an online form, or discussed over messages, would be available to everyone. Cyber security helps to ensure that all of that is kept safe, which makes this career path very important.


What Kind of Companies Employ Cyber Security Experts?

What Kind of Companies Employ Cyber Security Experts
The financial sector are a huge employer of cyber security experts

What Educational Options Are There in Cyber Security?

The first step in any career is working out what your educational options are. To get into the field of cybersecurity, you will almost certainly need to obtain a degree in a relevant subject. We’ve already prepared a guide to the best colleges in the US for those wanting to begin a cyber security career, but we will recap in brief here too. There are both full-time and part-time degrees available and the path that you choose is up to you.

Generally speaking, computer science and related subjects are ideal routes to go down. Once you’ve got your bachelor’s degree, a master’s is a beneficial next step to take. It’s possible to pursue a master’s degree in cyber security, which is sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

With your degree under your belt, if you’re still struggling to find a job option then looking into additional courses can help you to tailor your resume to certain employers. There are hundreds of related courses out there, but some of the most sought-after accreditations include the Certified Ethical Hacker certificate, the Certified Information Systems certificate, and the CompTIA certificate. These can be completed in your own time and can be a great way to boost your resume.