How To Calculate Your GPA

How To Calculate Your GPA
How To Calculate Your GPA

Calculating your GPA can be confusing, but it can be easy with some guidance. The first step is to find out your grades in each class. This information can be found on your transcript or your school’s website. Once you have this information, you must calculate your grade point average for each semester and add them.

To calculate your GPA, you must divide the total number of grade points earned by the total number of credit hours attempted. This will give you your GPA for that semester.

You can then continue this process for each semester to get an overall GPA. If you have taken classes at more than one school, you must combine the GPAs from each school into one calculation. Many online calculators can help make the process easier.


How To Calculate Your GPA


GPA Scale

You will need your transcripts and a GPA calculator to calculate your GPA. First, find the grades for each class you have taken and record them on paper. Next, calculate your grade point average by dividing the points earned by the total number of attempted credit hours.

This calculation will give you your semester GPA. To calculate your cumulative GPA, add all your semester GPAs and divide by the total number of credit hours attempted.

The following scale is used to determine grades and corresponding grade points:

A = 4.0
A- = 3.7
B+ = 3.3
B = 3.0
B- = 2.7
C+ = 2.3
C = 2.0
C- = 1.

Letter GradeGrade PointNumerical Grade
A4.0 94–96
A- 3.7 90–93
B+ 3.3 87–89
B-2.7 80–83
C+2.3 77–79

Weighted vs. Unweighted GPA

There are two types of GPAs: weighted and unweighted. Unweighted GPAs calculate the average of all grades earned without factoring in each class’s difficulty level. Weighted GPAs consider the difficulty level by multiplying rates in more complex types by a factor, usually 1.5 or 2.0.

Most colleges use weighted GPAs, but some may use unweighted GPAs for admissions purposes (e.g., weighted GPAs for awarding scholarships). If you’re unsure which type your school uses, it’s best to ask your counsellor or check the school website. To calculate your GPA, add up all the grades you’ve earned and divide by the total number of credits attempted. For example, if you have a 3.


What is a Good GPA?

GPA, or grade point average, is a numerical representation of your academic achievement. Most colleges use GPA to determine whether or not to admit students and place them in the appropriate educational program.

College Calculating your GPA is easy. First, divide the number of grade points you have earned by the number of credit hours you have taken. For example, if you have earned a 3.5 GPA on a 4-point scale in 12 credit hours, your GPA would be 3.5 (3.5 ÷ 12 = .2916667).

Most colleges accept a GPA of 2.0 or higher, although some may require a higher GPA for specific programs. Schedule to ensure you are on track for admission into the college of your choice, check the admissions requirements and calculate your GPA according to their grading scale.


Great Grades Can Equal Financial Aid

Did you know that your GPA could be the determining factor in how much financial aid you receive? Colleges and universities use students’ GPAs to calculate how much money they can offer in scholarships and grants. The higher your GPA, the more money you may be able to receive.

There are a few ways to improve your GPA to get the most financial aid possible. One way is to try to get involved in extracurricular activities. Colleges look at students’ overall records when awarding scholarships, not just their grades.

Participation in athletics, music, theatre, or community service can show that you are well-rounded and have taken advantage of the opportunities offered at your school. Taking challenging courses can also increase your chances of getting financial aid.


Get Your Grades Up—and Keep Them That Way!

Calculating your GPA is one of the most important things you’ll ever do in your academic career. This little number can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection into the college or university of your choice, scholarships, internships, and other opportunities. But don’t worry, it’s not difficult to calculate your GPA – you need know-how.

The first step is to gather your transcripts for all the schools you have attended. Once you have them all together, add up all the credits you have earned and divide by the total number of credits attempted. This will give you your cumulative GPA. Next, divide the total number of grade points earned by the total number of grade points possible in that semester to find your current GPA. Simple!.

How to Calculate GPA