How To Effectively Study For The SATs

SAT Practice Tests with textbooks on a desk.
How To Effectively Study For The SATs

All of the things you will experience in college can significantly affect your life in the future. The skills you will hone, and the people you will meet in college can influence your career path and quality of life. College is important, which is why you should make sure that you excel in it.

But, before you think about what degree to take, it’s best if you start preparing for your SAT. This is a standardized exam given to students to assess their readiness for college. The changes from the old SAT to the new SAT for Scholastic Aptitude Test, which was then, changed to Scholastic Assessment Test, did not alter the test’s purpose through the years.


Here are ways you can effectively study for your upcoming SAT:


1. Familiarize Yourself With The Details

It’ll be challenging for you to study for the SAT if you don’t know what you’re going into. Sure, every incoming first-year college student is required to take the SAT, but aside from being a requirement, do you know any other information about the test? Do you know how many hours you are supposed to take the test? How about the number of questions asked in the exam? These are just some of the information you should know before you start studying for the SAT.

Having a clear background about the SAT will streamline your efforts to better study for it. If you know what subjects are covered in the test, you will know what types of practice materials to invest in. If you know that the test actually includes questions about a subject you are weak at, like mathematics, you would be prompted to focus more on this subject so you will ace your SAT.


2.Read As Much As You Can

SAT Exam
SAT Exam on the table

Contrary to popular belief, preparing for the SAT is not as challenging or impossible as most people think. This test will cover questions about history, science, languages, mathematics, and English, and for you to ace all of the areas, the ability to read with comprehension can surely help.

The SAT will require you to read long and dense passages and answer questions based on the said selections. Since SAT is a timed examination, you need to grasp the gist of the selections fast to answer all of the questions accurately.

One way to effectively study for your upcoming SAT is to practice reading with comprehension. You can do this by reading lots of nonfiction materials as often as possible. Your “reading brain” won’t improve overnight, so make sure that you start reading immediately. This is especially true if you’re not fond of reading in the past.


3. Practice, Practice And Practice Some More

The SAT is no longer new. This test debuted in 1926 and has been used by colleges and universities around the United States ever since. This status quo can be very beneficial for you because there are now countless resources online and offline, and you can use these to review for the SAT. Several businesses have actually produced reviewers and practice tests that can help students, like you, better prepare for the SAT.

There are many review materials available today, so make sure that you pick ones that suit your needs and spend time using them. For example, if you are not confident about your math skills, look for resources that focus more on this area. You can either use online or printed materials for your review. Most of these materials come with practice tests, so make sure that you exert an effort to practice as often as possible.

When doing practise tests, record all of the scores you get to assess your progress. Your efforts in studying for the SAT will be useless if you keep on taking practise tests but don’t know how you perform on these tests.

Are you improving? Or, do you still need to exert more time and effort to study your weak areas? It’ll be effortless for you to answer all of these questions if you keep track of your practice test scores.


4.Improve Your Memory

One of the reasons why the SAT can be challenging for some is that it’s a test that covers many subjects, and you are expected to answer all of these within a limited time only. Not being able to answer all of these questions on or before can become why you will score poorly on your SAT. If this happens, you will not be given admission to your preferred college or university.

If you don’t want any of these to happen, start working on your memory. Improved memory will make it very easy for you to remember math formulas and concepts and use them when you start taking your SAT. You can achieve this goal by visualizing information, using image-name associations, and studying in different locations.


5. Increase Your Vocabulary

Students fail to give the right answers during exams, not because they are tough but because they don’t understand the questions very well. Having the wrong idea or understanding of a particular question can become why students would provide the wrong answer. This holds even for students who spend a lot of time studying and preparing for the exam.

Ensure that this doesn’t happen to you by increasing your vocabulary as you study for the SAT. Besides knowing what the test is all about and what it covers, you should also be adept at the common terms used in the questions. This will make it very easy for you to understand the questions and provide the right answers.

To increase your vocabulary, read as often as possible, engage in conversations, and use a dictionary and thesaurus every day. Practicing all of these habits will surely make it very easy for you to use and understand even the most hifalutin words.


Start ASAP

Studying for the SAT can be tough, but there are many methods to make this process easier. Aside from knowing what to do, it’s also important to start as early as possible. It’ll be easy to grasp new information and assess your study habits if time is on your side.