How To Find a College Roommate

How To Find a College Roommate
How To Find a College Roommate

Heading to college is a big step, full of new adventures, especially if it’s your first time living away from home. For many, this means sharing a space with a roommate.

But how do you make sure you find the right one? Here are six simple tips on how to find a college roommate, a university roommate, or just a roommate in general, ensuring your college life is enjoyable and stress-free. Most colleges have students share rooms, especially in their first year, to help them save on costs and meet new people.

Having a roommate can be fun and may help you feel less homesick. However, living with someone you don’t get along with can be tough and might even spoil your college experience.

That’s why it’s so important to find someone you click with. Follow our six easy tips to find the perfect roommate and make your college years unforgettable for all the right reasons.

How To Find a College Roommate


1. Start With Your Friends

Look Among Friends: A great place to start your search for a roommate is within your circle of friends. If you’re heading to the same college as some of your buddies, think about living together.

Or see if they know someone else looking for a roommate. But remember, just because you get along with someone as a friend doesn’t guarantee you’ll live well together. It would be best if you ideally shared similar habits.

If you’re a neat freak and your friend is more relaxed about cleanliness, tensions might arise. The same goes for different sleep schedules or study habits.

Before deciding to live with a friend, it’s crucial to talk about your living expectations, habits, and how you communicate. This step can prevent any damage to your friendship and ensure you both enjoy your time living together.


2. Make a List of Roommate Qualities


Creating a list of what you’re looking for in a roommate can guide your search, whether you plan to live with a friend or someone new.

Consider these questions to pinpoint your ideal roommate’s qualities:

What kind of personalities do you mesh well with?

Do you want a neat and organized roommate or someone more relaxed?

Are you an early riser, or do you tend to stay up late?

Would you describe yourself as introverted and quiet, or are you more extroverted and social?

Don’t forget to list your absolute no-gos as well. If the idea of someone borrowing your things without asking bothers you, or if you’re keen on setting shared responsibilities and someone else isn’t, those are valid deal-breakers.

While knowing what you want is important, being too specific might limit your options. Remember, finding the perfect match doesn’t mean finding a flawless person, so be flexible.


3. Prepare a Roommate Interview

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Organizing a chat with potential roommates is smart, and it doesn’t have to be formal. Think of it as a casual conversation where you can figure out if you’ll get along living together. It’s a good idea to think about what you’re looking for ahead of time to keep the chat focused and productive.

Topics to cover might include:

What does a typical week look like for each of you? Are you early birds or night owls?

How do you feel about cleanliness and personal hygiene?

What’s your preferred way of communicating?

You can arrange these discussions in various ways, such as over email, text, or even better, through a face-to-face meet-up or a video call. This way, you can better understand whether you’ll click as roommates. Remember to have these conversations well before moving in so you’re not making any last-minute decisions.


4. Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can be a goldmine for connecting with fellow students, including those looking for roommates. Check out groups for incoming students at your college and any specific questions about finding roommates.

You might also stumble upon subgroups tailored to your class year, major, or even clubs and activities you’re interested in. These aren’t exclusively for finding a roommate but can lead you to someone with similar interests.

However, remember to be cautious online. Not everyone might have good intentions. Once you find a potential roommate, try to have a video chat or meet in a public area to ensure they are someone you can trust and live with comfortably.


5. Use Roommate-Matching Websites

Websites designed for finding roommates offer a more structured way to search than social media groups. By creating a personal profile and browsing through others, you can connect with potential roommates who share your preferences and interests.

This method can be more direct and efficient than navigating Facebook groups. Some colleges provide their matching platforms, but there are also independent websites available, such as:

Roomsurf: is a matching quiz helps you find compatible roommates based on shared interests and habits.

RoomSync: This platform lets you specify preferences about your lifestyle, academic focus, and preferred living situations to find matches.

The Roomie App: This service functions similarly to a dating app, allowing users to swipe through profiles to find potential roommate matches.

As with any online interaction, following up with a chat or meeting is important to ensure you’re comfortable and compatible before making any decisions.


6. Explore Themed Living Options

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Many colleges offer themed dorms or living-learning communities, which group students by shared interests or goals. This can be an excellent option if you’re looking for roommates with similar passions or lifestyles.

These communities can make transitioning to dorm life easier, especially if you’re introverted or anxious about meeting new people. Living in a themed dorm means you’re automatically surrounded by students who share at least one major interest with you, whether a social cause, academic focus, or hobby.

Examples of themed dorms include:

Dorms for women in STEM fields

Communities for Black, Latino/a, and other underrepresented students

LGBTQ+ friendly housing

Substance-free living for those avoiding alcohol and drugs

Eco-friendly dorms for environmental enthusiasts

Special interest housing for movie fans, gamers, and more

Housing options focused on specific academic majors

Choosing a themed dorm can help ensure you and your roommate(s) have something in common, potentially making for a smoother and more enjoyable living experience.