How To Relax After Exams

How To Relax After Exams
How To Relax After Exams

Exam weeks are the most stressful moment of your student life because you have to memorize and recall what you have learned since the beginning of the semester for multiple classes which are a bit overwhelming and discouraging. End of year exams can send the stress and study meters running high. But after they’re all over, winding down is critical! How can you get your ‘relax’ back?

Here’s how you can relax after exams weeks and recharge your brain for the next semesters to do well and finish the year strong and good grades.


How To Relax After Exams


10. Get Out of Town

Changing your scenery can be a wonderful way to relax and unwind. Now that exams are over make an effort to get out of town and go on a holiday, even if it’s just for a weekend. If you can’t leave, organize to stay somewhere different in your town–such as in an apartment by the beach or a fancy hotel in the CBD.


9. Take the Pressure Off Yourself

Winding down can become difficult after the exam period if you’re constantly worried about how you did. Therefore, it’s essential to stay calm after your exam. In addition to engaging in the above activities, say to yourself: I did my best I’m proud of myself.


8. Do Something New

Studying for a whole year can take its toll. If you haven’t had a chance to change up your routines or discover new interests, now is a great time to get started.

Forget your exams and create something new, get involved in a new sport, pick up a new hobby, see a new band or show or do something you’ve never done before! You’ll be surprised at how quickly it helps you wind down.


7. Play Sport or Exercise

Being physically active is a great way to wind down and relax after your exams. Experts say that exercising is a great way to relieve stress and boost positivity since, during sessions, good chemicals like endorphins and serotonin are released in the brain. Getting hot and sweaty can also help release tension and give you a renewed sense of energy.

Remember, exercise doesn’t have to be even hardcore things like yoga, walking, swimming or stretching, and breathing can help.


6. Get Yourself a Time-Consuming Treat

Now that studying is over arrange to fill your time with other awesomely lazy ‘sit on the couch’ activities. You could pick up a new novel to read, treat yourself to a video game or two, dedicate some couch time to a bunch of new or old movies – or whatever tickles your free-time fancy.


5. Catch Up On Your Catch-Ups

Social time with friends and family is a perfect solution for a post-exam wind-down, especially if you’ve been forced to curb your socializing place of study. If there are those you’ve been meaning to catch up with, do so now. You’ll feel better for it, and it’s also an excellent reason to connect over Christmas.


4. Get Outside

The end of the year also means summertime, and now that you don’t have to study, you can make the most of the outdoors. Hit the beach, go camping, picnic in the park or go for a run. Whatever you do, make sure it takes place outside.


3. Write a ‘Journal’ Entry

Were you looking for a more solitary wind-down activity? Journal writing is a beautiful way to get your stresses out! Grab a book or diary and scribble down your thoughts and emotions about your academic year. How were your exams? What subjects did you love/hate this year? What did you achieve? What are you looking forward to?


2. Vent to a Fellow Student

If your mind is wrought with anxiety about how you did on your exams, an excellent old b*tch session can help. Grab a fellow student (preferably one you like) and ask if you can have a chat about your post-exam stress. You can vent about the stupidity of questions, discuss the multiple choices included and generally ranted to your heart’s content.


1. Clear Your Study Area

Nothing says ‘I’m winding down’ like getting rid of all those notes and textbooks! Of course, you won’t want to chuck/destroy/shred anything, but filing books and papers away can help clear your headspace and get rid of the last of your stress, as they say – out of sight, out of mind!