How to Stand Out to an Employer

The graduate job market can be a lonely dark place at times. It’s so hard to stand out when everyone seems to have the same experience. Occasionally we need to stand out in other ways. Here are some examples you can grab the attention of an employer!

Volunteer/work overseas

Working abroad is something many students hope to do at some point in their lives. Well, an employer hopes you will too!

Maggie Westgarth, head of employability at the University of the West of England, claims that “the number of new experiences that come from living in a different country and culture is extraordinary and can make a CV stand out from the crowd.” Someone who has spent time in another country will develop unique, transferable skills that are unlike most other candidates.

And let’s not forget to mention the personal growth and development that comes with travelling. So if you can, grab the chance of a work placement abroad.

Make it work

Diversify your experience and think outside of the box! So many future journalists have bulletproof writing experience and that’s imperative. However, with an over-saturation of CVs outlining the same experience to stand out you’ll need expertise unlike all the others.

Make a mind map of all the components that make up your dream job and think about multiple ways you can develop these skills in a new and fresh way. For example, tutoring children develops your patience in pressurised situations – a skill relevant to a whole host of career paths.

Advertise yourself

Whether you like it or not, having an excellent social media presence is beneficial for future employment. It’s an asset in the recruitment process to be able to sell yourself online. If you are savvy with your online platforms and can build a strong profile, you will greatly increase your chances of landing a job.

LinkedIn is your best friend when it comes to employment prospects. Even if you’re currently employed, you’ll be notified by recruiters in search of any prospective candidates that fit their criteria. Make sure you sell yourself well.