How to Stand Out to an Employer

The graduate job market may be a lonely, dark place. It isn’t easy to stand out when everyone seems to be going through the same thing. But, now and then, we need to stand out in other ways. So, here are some ideas for catching an employer’s attention! When you’re looking for a job.

You want to stand out to the employer because they receive a lot of applications, and you want them to choose your application over other applicants. So here are the ways you can prove yourself to be a good hire.


How to Stand Out to an Employer


Volunteer/work overseas

Many students dream of working overseas at some time in their careers. An employer, on the other hand, hopes you will as well!. Maggie Westgarth, the University of the West of England’s head of employability, believes that “the number of new experiences that come with living in a different nation and culture is astounding and may help a CV stand out from the crowd.”

Furthermore, unlike most other candidates, someone who has spent time in another nation will develop unique, transferable talents. And don’t forget about the personal growth and development that comes with travel. So, if you have the opportunity, take advantage of a job placement overseas.


Make it work

Experiment with new things and think beyond the box! So many prospective journalists have solid writing experience, which is critical. However, with an oversaturation of CVs presenting the same skills, you’ll require expertise to separate from the crowd.

Make a mind map of all the components that make up your dream profession, and consider how you may develop these skills in novel ways. Tutoring youngsters, for example, help them acquire patience under pressure, which is helpful in a variety of job choices.


Advertise yourself

Whether you like it or not, having a solid social media presence can help you land a job in the future. The ability to advertise yourself online is helpful in the recruitment process. You will considerably boost your chances of finding a job if you are adept at using online platforms and can develop a solid presence.

When it comes to job opportunities, LinkedIn is your best friend. Even if you are currently working, recruiters will contact you if they look for prospective employees who meet their criteria. As a result, make sure you market yourself successfully.