How To Start Living In The Present Moment

How To Start Living In The Present Moment
How To Start Living In The Present Moment

How do you get rid of the control of the past on you? Most people face many challenges and difficulties in their lives. However, this does not mean stopping and thinking about what has passed and gone.

Instead, it is necessary to look at the present and work for it. You’ll find an explanation of how to get rid of the control of the past. How often do we get wrapped up in our past or future? How can we start living in the present moment more often? Here are ten tips to help you get started.


How To Start Living In The Present Moment


Learn from the past.

You can use the negative experiences you have had in the past to learn from them to judge your future experiences, no matter how painful they are. So don’t rush to forget the past. Instead, take some time to reflect on the knowledge and look at how it can benefit you in the future.


Don’t dwell on past accomplishments.

If you are still talking about what you did yesterday, you haven’t done much today. However, there is still much time to create more memories and achievements for your future version. So, in the end, you’ll be cherishing the memories of today.


Express your pain

It would be best if you expressed your feelings about past events before you can forget. Although there are painful experiences in the past, there are good memories. Good or bad letting go of the past, focusing on the present, and talking about it with a trustworthy person can ease the pain of thinking about the history and letting go.


Come to terms with decisions.

One can still blame oneself for any decision made in his life, but that makes him fall into a closed circle from which it cannot be escaped, so one must let the past go and look towards the present.



Humans all make mistakes and get hurt at specific points in their lives, so the best way to come to terms with the past is to forgive oneself, i.e. regret can be a rather good thing—when it raises fruitful guilt and teaches you something to move on. Hell and tension are useless.


Forgiving others

It is not permissible to overthink this pain. Instead, forgive people who wronged you in the past to get rid of their misery. There is no perfect person who does not make mistakes. So stop attacking yourself and others because of previous mistakes, and focus on the lessons you’ve learned.


Stay away from harmful people.

Suppose you feel bad when with some people or feel frustrated or drained after dealing with them. You have to stay away from these people to not cause harm in the present. On the other hand, you should mix with positive people who leave a beautiful imprint on everyone’s life.


Laugh out loud

People who use humour to counteract stress have a more robust immune system, have a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes, and what is more exciting is that they live longer than others, and laughter and jokes strengthen social bonds and connections with friends.


Be optimistic

Optimism helps you to be healthier and happier and also extends your life. It also gives you self-confidence and improves your performance at work.


Be Grateful.

One of the benefits of expressing your thanks and gratitude to others is that it improves your relationships with others, makes you feel the love of life, and is a worthy person. In addition, with this expression of gratitude, you give others an impetus to complete the journey and challenging obstacles, which benefits you.