How to stay Awake In Class

How to stay Awake In Class
How to stay Awake In Class

It is challenging to stay awake in class. Every student understands that a boring lecture might be the most effective sleeping aid ever, especially when you are weary. However, even if you got a decent night’s sleep, you might feel that mysterious power is causing your eyelids to droop in class.

You may begin to blink slowly, and then the lecturer’s words will appear so far away and meaningless, sounding like the loveliest lullaby ever! Students beware: avoid classroom naps; they are not only embarrassing but also deadly!. Learn these simple tips on how to stay awake in class to prevent ruining your course mark and injuring your neck by napping in an uncomfortable position.

Here is How to Stay Awake In Class


10. Shower before class

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It doesn’t even have to be a cold shower! The water will usually be enough to wake you right up. Try adding a morning face wash or something with a strong mint/citrus scent.


9. Bring Cold Drink H2O

Staying hydrated is important if you’re staying alert. You may want to put ice cubes in your water bottle; the cool liquid will keep you awake and alert.


8. Chew Gum

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Chewing gum is a repetitive act that keeps the blood flowing and takes your mind off the tiredness.


7. Interact With Others

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If you are actively trying to participate in class, you are more likely to pay attention, which will help prevent falling asleep because you aren’t just sitting there passively.


6. Eat a snack

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Bring an apple to class! The natural sugar and the crunch of an apple will help decrease the fatigue


5. Take detailed notes

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If you are actively trying to take the best notes ever, you are less likely to drift off and fall asleep. It would help if you focused your brain on getting it to wake up most of the time.