How To Stay Healthy While Studying From Home

How To Stay Healthy While Studying From Home
How To Stay Healthy While Studying From Home

Are you staying fit during Covid 19? The school was temporarily closed, making it difficult for many of you to stay motivated to exercise every day. On top of the fact, most spend time on social media and indoors, your mental health has taken a toll during the quarantine.

Have no fear. I share some helpful ways to help you stay healthy until the quarantine ends.


Are you feeling unmotivated to exercise? You can level up your health by maintaining your physical fitness indoors. Here are some easy ways to get started:

  • Dance to fun music for 30 minutes
  • Use food cans as weights to save money on buying gym equipment.
  • Read blogs or watch videos about health tips during a quarantine.
  • Ask your family to join you on 30-minute walks every day.

Remember to keep yourself active to strengthen your immune system to avoid getting sick during this time.



What a better time than now to improve your mental health? As you are at University or College, you can improve interpersonal skills to get ready for graduation. Here are a few topics you can learn:

  • Personal finances
  • Strengthening your mind
  • Improving your self-awareness
  • Business skills

You can find helpful information to improve your knowledge of these topics online by attending webinars. I recommend that you visit your local bookstore or library if it is open and start reading to improve yourself.



You may not be spending as much time with family and friends right now but keep conversations alive. You can meet with friends once a week in a virtual group chat to catch up. If you are comfortable sharing your quarantine life on a virtual chat, tell people what you are going through.

You will be surprised to see that they might be going through the same thing. You can make phone calls, but sometimes seeing someone’s face will make you feel much better.



Now that we are spending less time being active, it is good to start eating healthier every day. It will help you feel more energetic and focus more while taking online courses. Here are some ideas:

  • Drink eight glasses of water a day
  • Replace chips and cookies with vegetables for snacks
  • Make a fruit smoothie for breakfast.
  • Eat a salad every day with your dinner.

A healthy body can help you maintain a healthy mind. You will feel uplifted and ready to get back to our ordinary world once the quarantine ends.


Final Thoughts

You have the power to eat healthily, stay in touch with friends, and maintain your physical fitness every week. I understand that right now, a lot of people feel lonely and isolated from society.

Remember to work on your personal development while you are at home because it will give you hope for the future. You can use this time to work on yourself and start a new chapter of your life after the quarantine ends.